App to increase your aesthetic practice

GizgilGizgil dental imaging app helps with aesthetic facial and dental treatments.

In a world where mobile devices like tablets are taking over from conventional personal computers, it is possible to see the benefits of tablets and that they can be more versatile and user friendly.      

The app

Gizgil medical/dental imaging app is a medical app that can help healthcare providers who perform aesthetic, facial and dental treatments.

Have you ever wanted to make taking before and after photos easier and more professional looking? 

Have you ever run out of consent forms for your products?

Have you ever wanted to show a patient how they looked before they started their treatments by you?

How professional will your practice look if you hand a tablet to a potential client to record their medical history and sign their consent forms?

Problem solved

Gizgil medical/dental imaging application for Apple and Android has solved these problems in a simple and intuitive way.

There is even a special photography consent feature that will help determine which patients allow you to share their photos for marketing purposes.

The most important feature is the ability to take photos before and after.

Older photos of the patients can be added to make sure all photos are organised into the patient’s folders and into the right templates. All this makes it easy to locate older photos to check the success of treatments, and as a result, show the patient the before and after photos in seconds.  To make sure that all the photos are safe, they all get backed up automatically. Backup is also completely free.

New features

Remember that devices can be placed in sleeves that can help prevent cross infection. Can your computer do that? And at what cost? Tablets nowadays have cameras, sensors and large screens to view photos with potential patients and clients.

Clinicians can save an enormous amount of time with Gizgil medical/dental imaging with many new features added all the time.

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