Updates to the GDC’s online register

shutterstock_172679258Temporary registrants and visiting practitioners from EEA countries are now displayed on the General Dental Council (GDC) online register.

The new Dentist Register Rules and DCP Regulations came into force on Saturday 1 November 2014.

These rules and regulations required changes to the online register and the registrants groups were subsequently added.

Temporary registrants are dentists who hold a recognised overseas diploma and who are registered for a limited period for the purpose of training, teaching or research in approved posts.

Visiting EEA dental practitioners or dental care professionals (DCPs) are individuals who register with the GDC under UK and EU legislation, which allows a national of an EEA state to provide services on a temporary and occasional basis.

More information on the terms can be found on the GDC website.

Adding these two registrant groups will ensure that the online register is fully reflective of the GDC registrant base, enabling patients to confirm whether a dental professional is registered with the GDC.

By law all dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, dental hygienists and dental therapists and orthodontic therapists must be registered with the GDC to work in the UK.

This is to ensure only appropriately qualified and skilled dental professionals are part of the dental team looking after patients.

The main changes to the Dentist Register Regulations and DCP Register Rules, which were agreed by the GDC’s council in July 2014, are:

  • Both the Dentist Register Regulations and DCP Register Rules have been updated to mirror one another regarding the form and content of each register to add greater consistency
  • Definitions of terms such as ‘competent authority’, ‘exempt person’ and ‘restoration’ have now been clarified in the DCP Register Rules. Restoration is now restricted to an individual returning to the register under the same title, or titles, as their previous registration
  • Replacement of the requirement of a third party health reference in the registration process with a self-certified statement.

The updated rules and regulations can be found here.

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