How 3D imaging technology can put you one step ahead

One-step-aheadTavom UK explains how 3D imaging can benefit your dental practice and your patients.

While most clinicians are now recognising the benefits of going digital, 3D imaging is fast establishing itself as the benchmark for dentists who really want to take themselves and their practice one step further. When you have a powerful tool such as 3D imaging at your disposal, treatment outcomes become more consistent and predictable, which improves the success of any procedures carried out.

Because of the non-distorted, cross-sectional view that a 3D scan gives, a wide field of opportunity can be opened up as the teeth can be examined from various angles to assess all potential issues. You may spot previously hidden details such as cracks, canals or even foreign bodies, and so quickly select the most appropriate treatment.

Enhanced visualisation will also lead to better workflow with today’s advanced technologies; 3D scans are not only comfortable and quick. Because the quality of the scans is higher, diagnoses happen more rapidly and treatment plans are far easier to put together. The insight that 3D provides also means exploratory surgery can usually be avoided too.

Referrals and compliance

With 3D, patient compliance will likely improve because 3D models are much easier to share, so the patient can clearly understand all the elements of their treatment.

Thanks to the digital nature of 3D scans, clinicians who accept referrals from colleagues can easily share cases via email, or with programmes such as Dropbox. A lot of the software providers also offer a communication channel specifically for sharing with case partners. Referring dentists can stay up-to-date on the progress of treatment and have access to notes and radiographs for their patient records. This is a major advantage if you are trying to build your practice’s referral base, and you may even consider offering 3D scanning as a stand-alone service to other local practices keen to take advantage of the technology.


Many practitioners have been reluctant to install 3D technology due to perceived cost, however the benefits of more consistently accurate work will likely cover the installation. This means that, although 3D technology is certainly an investment, the long-term advantages put it well within reach for many practices.

Look for user-friendly options and, in particular, modular platforms. My-Ray offers several imaging solutions, including the Hyperion X9 that can be upgraded from 2D to 3D when you need it. A modular concept with multiple configurations, it offers true full arch volumetric scan capability and positioning comfort to ensure that no data is missing.

In conclusion, 3D imaging can enhance the service you deliver. Investing in equipment with 3D capability will have a positive impact on referrals and help to create a better working environment. Whether you operate a busy, multi-chair practice or are a more specialist operation, 3D digital imaging can lead to happier patients and increased profits.

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