Double your Whitening success

Original ideas, tips and tricks on whitening techniques were also presented from the leading speakers on show at Double your Whitening, held on Friday 9 May.

In total 11 lecturers were held, which brought a variety of topics to the table giving everyone a little something to take away with them.

The lectures ranged from bleaching, bonding and tooth whitening tips to successful techniques for social media and marketing.

Inderjit Singh, principal of Cathedral Dental and winner of the Overall Best Marketing Strategy Award at the Dentistry Awards, gave his thoughts on the event: 'I think one of the most important bits is keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques and treatments.

‘The FMC course Double your Whitening was really good because, although complex occlusion and cosmetics are really important, it’s also important to go back-to-basics and just look at how you do your whitening.

'I learnt so much about how whitening works and the latest techniques and treatments.

'FMC has introduced a new way of lecturing, where each lecture is half an hour, which I thought was brilliant – sometimes lectures, when they go on for three of four hours, can get a little tiring.

'But here you’re kept fresh with lots of information thrown at you.

'The lecture line-up was fantastic; it was a really good course.’

AJ Soneji gave the event 10/10, finding all of the presentations helpful and saying that he would take away a lot from the event – specifically the lessons on core values and teamwork.

Jonathan Swarbrigg gave a fantastic presentation on strategies that could be used to help double patients’ uptake of whitening treatments.

His inspirational story, of how he went from performing whitening on 14 patients a month to more than 150, was phenomenal.

Another big winner was Dipesh Parmar, the youngest dentist to receive the Conservative Composite Smile Award in 2012, who spoke about tooth alignment, bleaching and bonding using minimally invasive techniques for smile enhancement.

Delegates KK Sachdev and Rasp Mann were very impressed with the presentation and said that they would take away a lot from Dipesh’s presentation.

Social media guru Daz Singh proved just how important Facebook and Twitter are when trying to boost and convert patients.

Nat Schooler added to this, discussing the power of social media and the essential role it plays in boosting a dental practice’s profile.

The strong speaker line-up was accompanied by a top-class exhibition that featured Colgate, Oral-B, Enlighten, Optident, Henry Schein, Philips and Wyten Technologies.

The day was a massive success for everyone attending the show. and a repeat performance is definitely on the calendar for 2015.

For more details and to find out information about the next Double your Whitening show call 0800 371652 or email [email protected].

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