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Whether we do it using a desk-based computer, tablet or smartphone, the internet has become the first port of call for almost anything we are looking to buy or book, whether it be physical goods or services. It used to be the case that we had to physically go somewhere. But not anymore, anything we want can be ordered from the comfort of our own homes. The only problem with this: we don’t know how good the product is. So where do we turn? Online reviews.

No matter how big or small our purchase, we find ourselves turning to online reviews, this has made the internet a powerful ally of the consumer. Finding out what people really think of a product or service is now accessible for all to see and read online. The rise of Tripadvisor and other review sites has undoubtedly given the consumer a voice to channel and express their views.

Searching for dental services

Online reviews are now entering the healthcare and dental industry. An astounding figure of more than one million people search online for dental services every month in London alone. So having a positive web presence is incredibly important.

Many practices now have a website of their own, some are quite basic, but others provide a booking facility. This is a great feature for a practice website as it will allow dentists to welcome as many potential new patients to their practice as possible.

Link between patients and practices

Aside from practice websites, there are also a number of websites appearing that allow prospective patients to search for a dentist in their area. These websites merely act as a directory and provide the patient with contact details. 

There are now online facilities that act as a link between the dental practice and the patient. For the practice they act as a marketing tool, making the practice visible to thousands of potential new patients every day. For the patient, it offers a quick and simple way to book a dental appointment. 

One of the main advantages of these sites is that they feature reviews and ratings from previous patients. This means that prospective patients can make an informed decision as to which practice they want to book their appointment, based on factors such as cost and services provided. If they wish they will also be able to leave a review of their own after their visit. 

Making an easy decision 

One of these sites is Zesty that provides 24-hour, real-time access to finding and booking an appointment. This will be especially useful when trying to book an appointment for the next day, or even the same day. 

As dentistry moves into the digital age, we will find that online booking services will become a more common occurrence. The service that Zesty provides allows patients to make a quick, easy and informed decision about the practice that they book their next appointment with.

Lloyd Price is co founder and chief operating officer of Zesty. Before Zesty, Lloyd co founded and advised a number of high growth internet and mobile start-ups in the UK and across Europe. Lloyd has a BA Hons in business administration from Coventry University and a certificate in corporate finance from London Business School. 

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