Endodontics: sharing a new philosophy

An endodontic specialist of great repute, Professor Gambarini’s enthusiasm for his subject of choice is contagious. Excited to be coming to the UK this July to be speaking to delegates about a novel approach to canal instrumentation, during his presentation Professor Gambarini will demonstrate the advantages of the new technique, as well as explaining the key features.

Smart endodontics

On the topic of this novel approach to endodontic treatment, Professor Gambarini comments: ‘We have a new way of instrumenting root canals, which is totally different from anything else out there.

‘As dental practitioners know all too well, with older endo techniques you have a choice between continuous rotation and reciprocation. In essence, what TF Adaptive does is – very cleverly – combine the continuous rotation and reciprocation techniques using a philosophy based on the anatomy of root canals.

‘What’s more, TF Adaptive chooses which motion is most appropriate in any given circumstance. So, for example, when the root canal is simple the motor will choose the most efficient way of achieving the goal and, when the canal becomes more difficult, the motor automatically selects the safest way to do it. It’s like being in a car that tells you automatically how you should drive – on a motorway or on a country road.

‘In simple terms, we could say that this is a smart way of performing endodontics.’

During the session, the creation of an endodontic glide path with reciprocating stainless steel (SS) instruments will also be presented and discussed.

Professor Gambarini says: ‘We are now promoting creating glide paths with SS files. You can create glide paths with manual or rotary files, and there are a lot of brands and instruments on the market to help clinicians achieve this. However, what I’m encouraging is a third way of doing this; using reciprocating files. This is a very delicate technique but if you use the right device, the procedure is safe and efficient, and so is the best way to achieve success. I will be sharing all of this with delegates on the day, from practical aspects through to the evidence proving its successes.’

Hands-on education

Professor Gambarini will follow his presentation with hands-on sessions, during which delegates will have the opportunity to use TF Adaptive. The instrumentation techniques covered will also include:

  • Canal negotiation – bypassing ledges and calcifications
  • Endodontic glide path creation
  • Principles of brushing/circumferential filing
  • Mechanical activation of irrigants.

Professor Gambarini states: ‘Since TF Adaptive is new, clinicians have to get used to how it works. I have been leading courses all over the world these past few months and everyone has found the technique very user-friendly to understand and to work with. Once a dentist, whether a GDP (general dental practitioner) or a specialist, understands the principles of using TF Adaptive, they’re ready to use it in practice the next day.’

With Professor Gambarini planning to visit the UK to speak just once in 2014, this is an opportunity not to be missed for dentists who want to understand from the very best how the latest techniques and equipment can help to achieve superior results.

Kerr is delighted, alongside Sybron Endo, Henry Schein Dental and Kavo, to be staging the Innovations in Dentistry Symposium – ‘For the Art of the Smile’ – in 2014.

During this two-day event, leading speakers, including Gianluca Gambarini, Chris Orr and Robbie McConnell will discuss the latest in endodontics, restorative dentistry and equipment.

On 3 July at Altitude 360 in Westminster, dental professionals can choose from a range of lectures to suit their needs, accruing six hours of verifiable CPD (continuous professional development). Then, on 4 July, dentists can attend restorative and/or endodontic hands-on sessions worth three hours of verifiable CPD at Henry Schein’s Marble Arch showroom.

For further information or to book you place, please email [email protected] or call 0845 873 6299.


Gianluca Gambarini, MD, DDS, is a full-time professor of endodontics at Sapienza University of Rome, and head of the endodontic department, as well as a researcher and international lecturer. Professor Gambarini has a particular interest in clinical endodontics and related materials. He is a consultant for a number of manufacturers, helping to develop new technologies, operative procedures and materials for root canal treatment. Professor Gambarini maintains a private practice, limited to endodontics in Rome, Italy.

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