New commercial director for dental plan provider

Simon Reynolds has been appointed as commercial director for Patient Plan Direct.

Patient Plan Direct offers an efficient, flexible and cost effective means of administering patient capitation and/or maintenance dental plans.

The approach has been well received by the dental community since the company inception over four years ago.

Conrad Broadbent, managing director of Patient Plan Direct commented: ‘We have gathered some real momentum in the past eighteen months as more and more practices choose to administer their plan with us, including the British Dental Association's 2013 practice of the year.

'I’m confident Simon’s experience in marketing, partner relationships and product development will help us continue to deliver an excellent value proposition to the dental market.'

Simon added: ‘The dental plan market has been dominated by a couple of providers for a long time.

'Patient Plan Direct represents an alternative that, at the very least, any practice should take the time to explore.

'Around 80% of practices that opt to administer their plan with Patient Plan Direct have transferred their plan administration to us from another provider and reaped the benefits.

'I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues to help more practices across the UK realise there is a way to make significant cost savings and get more from the dental plan they offer to their patients.’

To find out more about Patient Plan Direct visit:

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