Oral survival guide

The Oral Survival Guide contains practical advice to help look after teeth against holiday eating, drinking, smoking, drugs and oral sex.

James Goolnik and his practice, Bow Lane Dental, have compiled the Oral Survival Guide to coincide with Dry January – a month-long alcohol awareness campaign beginning in January 2014.

Commenting on the Dry January initiative and the survival guide, Dr Goolnik said: ‘This excellent initiative will help many of us ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save the pennies.

‘But it will also be of great benefit to our teeth. Most alcoholic drinks contain sugar, which, along with bacteria in the mouth, can lead to tooth decay. And many are then mixed with very acidic carbonated mixers – double jeopardy for your teeth.’

To download your free copy of the Bow Lane Dental 2014 Oral Survival Guide, visit www.bowlanedental.com/oralsurvivalguide.html.

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