Oral health consensus reached

At the meeting, the key opinion leaders agreed on the following consensus statement for the forthcoming year:

‘Fundamental to an individual's oral health is a high standard of plaque control. This is most effectively achieved and maintained by twice daily mechanical cleaning with a fluoride toothpaste, interdental cleaning as advised by a dental healthcare professional, and the use of a clinically proven mouthwash most appropriate to the needs of the individual. This is part of the overall package of oral care recommended by the dental healthcare professional team.’


The key opinion leaders were:

• Professor Iain Chapple, Head of Periodontology within the School of Dentistry, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham;

• Professor Philip Marsh, Professor of Oral Microbiology, School of Dentistry, University of Leeds;

• Professor Nigel Pitts, Director of the Dental Innovation and Translation Centre at King’s College London Dental Institute;

• Dr Susie Sanderson, who practises on a part-time basis within the NHS framework in the South Yorkshire region;

• Sally Simpson, a dental therapist and an active member of the BSDHT;

• Professor Jimmy Steele, Head of School and Professor of Oral Health Services Research at Newcastle University’s School of Dental Sciences;

• Professor Nairn Wilson, Chair of the National Advisory Panel and honorary Professor of Dentistry at King’s College London; and

• Dr David Winkler, a practising dentist based in Windsor and international lecturer.


Johnson & Johnson looks forward to using this consensus statement as it continues to work in partnership with dental professionals alongside the Advanced Defence range.

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