UK dental student wins through to world final

Leeds University dental student, Ola Hassan, has been named the UK winner of the sixth Dentsply Ceram.XCase contest and has entered the world final.
Ola, who’s studying at Leeds Dental Institute, won the contest for her case poster showing restorative procedures on a 57-year-old male patient suffering from non-carious tooth tissue loss caused by erosion and attrition associated with a history of frequent alcohol consumption and bruxism.

Teeth from 13 to 23 and 35 to 44 were restored with Ceram.X duo nano-ceramic composite.

Ola’s poster, along with all the winning entries from around the world, will be presented at the CONS Euro in Instanbul in October 2011.
Runners up for the UK contest were Rosemary Sykes, a final-year student at Newcastle University Dental Institute and Kevin Lun from Bristol.

Rosemary’s entry was based on the treatment of a 47-year-old male patient who presented with a 15-year history of tooth surface loss in all quadrants and lack of posterior tooth support.

A diagnosis of tooth surface loss caused primarily by erosion and secondarily by attrition was made and attributed to bruxism, lack of posterior support and frequent consumption of acidic food stuffs.

A diagnostic wax-up was prepared on retruded arc articulated casts.

A two-step etch, rinse and bonding system was employed under rubber dam and the teeth were restored using Ceram.X duo+ (D3 and E3) followed by polishing using Ceram.XShofu discs and the Enhance system.
Kevin’s case study was a 52-year-old male with a history of tooth surface loss regarding his maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth.

His main concerns were reduced self-esteem, an inability to smile without anxiety and difficulty on biting.

The aetiology of tooth surface loss was diagnosed as attrition with secondary erosion, resulting in marked reduction of clinical crown height. This was due to bruxism and frequent consumption of diet cola at night.
Ceram.X duo is characterised by its efficiency, simplicity and clarity of shading concept, that is quite simply based on the anatomy of the tissues being replaced.

It provides four dentine shades and three enamel shades that are adjusted to match the shades of the natural tooth, and a dentine bleach shade is also provided.

Meanwhile, Dentsply is calling for current dental students to enter the 2012 Ceram.X Global Case Contest.


Entrants must restore a tooth using Ceram.X duo or Ceram.X mono plus nano-ceramic restorative to compete.
The case must be presented using the poster template supplied by DENTSPLY, before and after photographs and a short description of each stage of the procedure.
The deadline for UK entries is 28 February 2012.
For more information, please call freephone +44 (0)800 072 3313 or email [email protected]

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