Dental awards prove motivational

Standing out from the competition has never been more important in business. And in the business of dental practice, this can be key to achieving targets.
Just being shortlisted for an award is a tremendous boost for any individual or dental team.

As most nominations for awards tend to come from practice principals, this is tantamount to the organisation saying: ‘We think we have achieved a great deal together and we are proud to highlight this.’

In team awards, the analogy would be with doing well in a major competition or winning a significant trophy.

The point being made is that such sporting success comes to those who have tried hardest and can stand up against their peers, usually after years of dedication and outstanding achievement.

Outside of the sporting world the desire to be the best and pride of achievement is no less but the reward mechanism is not always as easy to determine.

Selecting the right award scheme to enter allows recognition to be focused on the outstanding people in the practice who day in and day out perform their tasks with flair, dedication and success resulting in creating growth and wellbeing to their organisations and satisfaction to those they serve.

Normally the cost of an entry fee is modest compared to what an organisation might pay to provide staff motivation.

The motivational effect of the accolade is tremendously valuable to the practice who will stand out from the competition.

And the lasting effect that it has upon morale, cannot be quantified, but you will feel it.
Entry process
Most award programmes have an entry process that involves supporting the nomination by setting out details of the success and how it has been achieved.

This is important too because quite often, busy and successful individuals and teams drive on day after day without reflecting on their success or the reasons for it.

Many entrants discover that one of the most rewarding aspects of entering an award is the process of sitting down, probably as a team, and thinking about what has happened and the reasons for the success.

Going through this process will in itself energise the team and focus the practice principals on their business, its performance, strengths and weaknesses and where improvements should be implemented.
Celebration and PR
For winners, finalists and those highly commended the process goes on. The thrill of the awards ceremony, the internal and external PR and the satisfaction are all fantastic well-being factors that result from entering an awards programme… not to mention the potential increase in practice turnover!
List of awards schemes to enter

Dentistry awards
These regional awards recognise the best in all aspects of general dental practice. Visit for further information

Dentistry Scotland awards
These awards started this year and are designed to recognise outstanding achievement and excellence in dental practice (north of Hadrian’s Wall). Visit for full details

Irish Dentist awards
These are on the same vein, but focus on practices and top dentists all over Ireland. Visit for an explanation of what to do and when

The Smile Awards
The most prestigious awards in aesthetic dentistry, they reward those who have achieved an exemplary level of clinical excellence in dental and facial aesthetics. Visit for more information.

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