TV host Holly has the Smile Factor

TV presenter Holly Willoughby has been named the British celebrity with the most welcoming smile.

The survey, carried out as part of the British Dental Health Foundation’s annual campaign, National Smile Month, showed Holly received a quarter of the votes, with fellow TV personality Kelly Brook scooping 18%.

For the boys, David Beckham and Prince William finished with 11%, while William’s brother Prince Harry came last, only receiving 3% of the votes.

For Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, the statistics make for familiar reading.

In 2007, Victoria was named as having the worst smile.

Four years later, as well as being named as the celebrity with the least welcoming smile, the survey also suggests 63% of people think Victoria should smile more, while a further 25% of people think Posh Spice has the fakest smile.

The results also show the fickle nature of the celebrity world.

In 2007, Kylie Minogue, Patsy Kensit and Kate Moss all appeared in the top five of well-known public figures with the best smiles, alongside David Beckham and Prince William.

In 2011, all three women fell out of the rankings.

The campaign is taking place from 15 May to 15 June, and this year the theme is ‘The Smile Factor’, which aims to remind people that their mouth, teeth and smile is fundamental to all aspects of their life – whether career, personality, relationships, attraction or all-round good health.

Now into its 35th year, National Smile Month remains an integral part of the Foundation’s work in promoting greater oral health. Celebrities are often seen as role models in society, and the visible standard of their oral hygiene is no exception. As a result, the British public are becoming more open to the idea of cosmetic dentistry because of its prevalence in the media.

Chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, agrees with this assessment.

Dr Carter said: ‘It is no coincidence that we associate a confident, radiant smile with images of people and celebrities we see every day who we consider to have that special Smile Factor. The growing trend towards cosmetic dentistry may be a result of the way celebrities present themselves, but we must not forget the basics of good oral hygiene.’

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