Think out of the box to motivate teenagers

Motivating teenage patients to comply with dental treatment instructions can be challenging at the best of times.

Finding ways to get teenage orthodontic patients to maintain rigorous oral health regimens, including thourough interproximal cleaning, can sometimes require an even more creative approach.
One answer might be to replace conventional interdental cleaning products with an innovative, fun-to-use gadget that not only captures their imagination but is also highly effective in removing plaque biofilm from those difficult-to-reach areas made inaccessible through the presence of archwires, brackets and ligatures.
Because of the mechanical problems orthodontic patients can have with string flossing, Waterpik has created a water flosser, complete with a specially-designed orthodontic tip, that efficiently removes plaque biofilm and food debris from brackets, interproximal spaces and subgingival pockets.
A recent study on 11-17 year olds with fixed orthodontic appliances revealed that the Waterpik water flosser removes up to three times as much plaque as string flossing, whilst also significantly reducing gingival bleeding.
More importantly, 92% of those teenagers surveyed said that they would be happy to use the water flosser ‘frequently’ or ‘every day’ – good news for practitioners and parents!*
Think out of the box when it comes to teenage oral hygiene routines and protect your orthodontic patients from the increased oral health risks of wearing braces.
For more information on the Waterpik water flosser, visit The product is also widely available in Boots stores and selected Lloyds Pharmacies.

* Sharma C, Lyle DM, Qaqish JG et al. The effect of a dental water jet with orthodontic tip on plaque and bleeding in adolescent patients with fixed orthodontic appliances. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2008; 133 (4); 565-571.

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