Dental trade donates to charity

The BDTA has dontaed nearly £1,000 to dental charity, Bridge2Aid, following the submission of completed membership questionnaires and technology surveys sent out last year.
In order to assess how well the Association is meeting the needs of its members, questionnaires were sent out to each member company, and the BDTA offered to donate £5 to the Bridge2Aid charity for every questionnaire returned.

A total of 47 member surveys were filled in and submitted which represented an exceptionally high response rate.
The BDTA also conducted research amongst dentists to investigate their attitudes towards new technologies and training courses.

Again, an excellent response rate was received and £2.50 was donated to Bridge2Aid for each of the 285 surveys completed and returned.
Executive director of the BDTA, Tony Reed, says: ‘It is important for us to understand the needs of our members in order to continue to serve them effectively and introduce new benefits.

‘It is vital for our members to understand how members of the dental team respond to new technologies and the mix of training preferred.

‘We were extremely pleased with the response achieved from the questionnaires and to be able to donate funds to Bridge2Aid made the research worthwhile on a number of levels. Thank you to all those who participated.’
Mark Topley, chief executive at Bridge2Aid, adds: ‘The BDTA has been a great support to us over the past six years and helped us to achieve so much – restoring tens of thousands of smiles and changing many lives in Tanzania.

‘This donation will go a long way to helping us relieve the pain of thousands more people in the coming year and extend our work to new areas desperate for basic dental services and training. Our thanks go to the BDTA for thinking of us in this way, and to all the members of the dental industry for completing their questionnaires.’
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