The tea that rids plaque � and makes you happy!

A Japanese tea that stops plaque from forming on the teeth and gums is proving popular.

Domatcha Green Tea is said to give drinkers that instant feeling of wellbeing and purity, increasing energy levels for up to eight hours and providing the healthiest minerals and vitamins for replinishment of skin, nails and hair.

Collectively, the antioxidant power of DoMatcha green tea is reportedly 100 times greater than vitamin C and 70 times greater than orange juice.

Domatcha also contains nearly 10 times more beta-carotene than spinach.

Lab analysis shows the concentration of this multi-purpose antioxidant a whopping 137 times higher in matcha than in regular steeped green tea.

Domatcha green tea also yields huge quantities of T-cell activators which are known to speed the elimination of viruses, bacteria, and parasites that cause colds, flu, pneumonia, diarrhea, and the plaque that forms around teeth and gums.

International tea specialist, Calli O’Brien, says: ‘Domatcha tea is one of the healthiest natural beverages ever produced. One cup of a good quality Domatcha is equivalent to 8-10 cups of regular green tea. Studies show we should drink at least five cups of green tea every day. Why not just one cup of DoMatcha instead?’

Caffeine-wary tea drinkers can relax, literally.

Domatcha caffeine, theine, is absorbed slowly thereby mitigating the rush of caffeine jitters.

It also produces the unique calming affects of concentrated L-theanine — proven to elevate the production of dopamine and the ‘happiness molecule’ serotonin in the brain — as well as the natural muscle relaxant theophylline.

Unlike most teas today, traditional Japanese matcha is still grown and harvested much as it was hundreds of years ago.

Prepared at home, Domatcha tea is mixed with hot water and whisked to a frothy blend but great for smoothies and lattes, too.

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