Treat yourself to a new year tooth and gum MOT

New year is a great time to rethink your dental regime and keep you teeth in perfect condition.

With a number of revolutionary treatments including his ‘colour-match tooth whitening’ and Alloderm, Dr Simon Darfoor, leading cosmetic dentist at London’s No 1 Harley Street, wants to be the name on everyone’s lips this new year.
He says: ‘A natural and beautiful smile plays an important role in today’s society and can enhance confidence, self-esteem and influence others’ perception of you.
‘Like beauty, some are born with a natural advantage and have to work less at maintaining it, but the majority have to work hard at it. Having a successful and winning smile is no different.’
You can get a tooth and gum M.O.T. at No 1 Harley Street – with a range of innovative treatments and services to help in the quest for healthy, appealing teeth and gums, there are no excuses for a poor dental routine.
New year, new you
1. Back in the office, it may feel that the only way to overcome mid-afternoon ‘sugar lows’ is to reach for a chocolate bar or sweet snack. The high sugar content in these snacks certainly add to the possibility of tooth decay, even the clever ‘low sugar’ labelling is cunning. Even snacks such a crisps also contain enamel-eroding sugar. Because we are so consumed with our day-to-day and busy schedules, we forget that these sugars are harming our teeth. Take sensible precautions by doing the following:
– After eating sugary or acidic food and drinks, do not brush your teeth immediately after. This can damage the enamel and create further problems. Instead, restore the natural PH balance of the saliva with some sugarfree gum. It takes approximately one hour for the pH balance to return to normal.
– Try sticking to ‘safe’ snacks such as crackers and dried fruits
– Keep a spare toothbrush and toothpaste at work, plus easy-to-reach travel size fluoride mouthwash for after food.

2. This New Year, make it your priority to brush your teeth before going to bed. This really is crucial in protecting your teeth and gums and is equally as important as your skincare regime. Would you sleep in your make-up?
3. Carry sugarfree mints to keep breath fresh

4. Steer clear from fizzy drinks as these erode tooth enamel. If you do need a fizzy drink, sip through a straw

Colour-matching tooth whitening with Dr Simon Darfoor


Dr Darfoor has introduced a selection of treatments and procedures to revolutionise your smile…
The ultimate make over starts from with a set of gleaming, white teeth. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures today. Several factors can cause teeth to darken and yellow. These include age, certain foods and drinks, smoking and medication. Whitening is a process that involves applying a whitening gel on the surface of the tooth. This whitening gel bleaches the discolouration out of the tooth. Teeth generally whiten quickly and dramatically. Bleached teeth whiten usually 6-10 shades lighter.
At The Darfoor Dental Practice, this tooth whitening service is tailor made to the individual with the level of brightness matched to skin tone and hair colour and perfect for all year round pearly white perfection.

This ‘colour matching’ tooth whitening service has received critical acclaim and is a safe, pain free, tried and tested service perfect set against this season’s lipstick shades.
The results are not permanent. Generally speaking, results can last from 6 months to 3 years and are dependant on the initial colour of your teeth, lifestyle habits and if you follow up with maintenance sessions.
Today, in-office whitening treatments are a far cry for early tooth whitening methods.

At The Darfoor Dental Practice, not only will you be greeted by a welcoming team of professionals, you will also get the chance to watch DVDs or listen to some soothing music. Many patients often drift off during this pain free process.
All tooth whitening services at The Darfoor Dental Practice are bespoke to the individual. Dr Darfoor perseveres to reach the precise shade the client wishes to achieve whether this be through in-office whitening or his bespoke easy-to-use home kits.
Above anything, tooth whitening, when done by a qualified expert, should look natural and compliment the skin tone giving the face a noticeable overall ‘boost’.
Beat the recession! Dr Simon Darfoor (below) launches miracle health product, Alloderm


Gum shrinkage or recession is caused by the ageing process or by ongoing and untreated gum disease. Until now this unsightly problem was untreatable. Health issues aside, receding gums simply aren’t attractive. Gum recession can often leave people with unattractive gaps in between their teeth and the resulting cosmetic impact on their smile.  
In addition to the cosmetic implications, receding gums can also result in a much greater risk of infection of the gums and teeth and is often associated with increased sensitivity of teeth. Reversing the problem used to mean expensive and painful surgery, however, this can now be ‘fixed’ with a simple gum grafting procedure which can restore an original smile without the unsightly gaps which existed before, whilst at the same time protecting your teeth from a greater risk of disease and sensitivity.
Dr Simon Darfoor is one of the first dentists to offer a new procedure, Alloderm (from £450) in the UK and results last a lifetime.

Basic Tips – fast, easy to follow tips to maintain a great smile!
1. Brush twice daily, ideally with an electric toothbrush. Studies have shown that you remove twice as much plaque when you use an electrical toothbrush compared to a manual one. What with ever increasing busy schedules and fatigue this is often neglected.
2. Floss daily and use a mouth rinse. A fluoride mouthwash helps prevent the build up of plaque and should be used twice daily for best results.
3. Visit a dentist to check your dental health at least once a year (ideally every 6 months). This will screen against tooth decay, gum disease and mouth cancer.
4. Visit a dental hygienist twice yearly for professional teeth cleaning and polishing. (It is inevitable that when we brush daily some plaque will be missed and left behind, this when it builds up becomes tartar which can increase the onset of gingivitis and gum disease)
5. Stub out the cigarettes! Studies have shown that there is a direct link between smoking and gum disease. Smoking eradicates the healthy cells in your mouth leaving teeth and gums prone to disease.
These relatively simple measures will keep your teeth healthy and free from cavities and gum disease leaving you with a picture perfect set of teeth.


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