Oral care from the inside

Take care of your teeth from the inside!

Good nutrition makes a huge difference to the health of the gums and without good gums, you won’t hang on to your teeth.

Oral Care Complex, from Viridian Nutrition, is specifically formulated to support the underlying health of the mouth and gums.

It is a combination of pycnogenol, co-enzyme Q10 and ester-C in a base of green tea.

Studies indicate that these nutrients and extracts have anti-microbial activity, reduce symptoms of gingivitis, speed healing and address deficiencies which could interfere with the body’s ability to repair damaged gum tissue.

Viridian Oral Care Complex, £29.55 for 60 capsules, is suitable for vegans/vegetarians and is certified Kosher.

The Viridian Nutrition multi-award-winning range of more than 170 vitamins, minerals, herbs, tinctures, ointments, amino acids, specialty nutrients and nutritional oils was founded in 1999 and is available at selected health food stores worldwide.

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For nearest stockist, call 01327 878050 or visit www.viridian-nutrition.com.

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