Fun iPhone app to teach kids to brush

A new iPhone application called Star Teeth iPhone app for kids was released on itunes AppStore last week.
The original idea of this iphone app came from one of the employees of the development company Fungamental Labs.
This mother-of-two has lots of experience with everyday small fights she has with her kids in the bathroom while brushing their teeth.

Fungamental Labs came up with StarTeeth and the aim of the app is to simply motivate children to brush their teeth properly by using a graphically attractive and lively adventure.

The application offers children a series of characters, plus children can now choose and vote for their favourites for the Christmas edition, which will be launched at the App Store on 5 December 2010.

These buddies teach them how to brush their teeth properly and how long for, using the rhythm of a song.
One of the biggest advantage of this StarTeeth application for the iPhone is its intuitive use, even for small children.

In the ‘How to Brush’ section, parents will find instructions about how their children should brush their teeth properly, according to the latest recommendations of dentists.

The application also includes a timer showing how much longer the children should brush for. The application is optimised for iPhone 4 and is compatible with iPhone iOS 3.0 and iOS 4.0.
For the first week this iPhone and iPod Touch app is for free.

Afterwards you can buy it for $1,99.

There are new series of characters prepared that everybody who brushes their teeth with Star Teeth will get free of charge.

At the same time, votes will also be collected for the new special Valentine’s edition.

Another innovation will include the possibility of setting the brushing time so that it can be customised.

And if children have their favourite songs, we will be able to put our own music into the iPod for while they are brushing their teeth.

You can download the StarTeeth iPhone App here.

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