New herbal toothpaste launches in UK

Tiens Tianshi Toothpaste is a new spearmint toothpaste designed to boost the teeth’s natural defences, freshen the breath and provide a fabulous smile for life.

Enriched with natural extracts, it’s designed to tackle plaque and strengthen teeth whilst promoting overall oral and gum health.

Containing nullipore, honeysuckle and wild chrysanthemum plant extracts, these can help to reduce the risk of stomatitis, gum disease, bleeding, halitosis and redness.

Regular brushing with Tiens Tianshi Toothpaste can also help improve the strength of the teeth as well as tackling cavity problems.

Fusing natural ingredients for fantastic results, Tiens Tianshi Toothpaste includes:
• Nullipore: antibacterial, this is a pain-relieving agent from red algae
• Honeysuckle: also known as Lonicera, this has traditionally been used as a heat relieving and detoxicating ingredient.

Studies have shown that the active ingredients of honeysuckle have the following effects:
1. Anti-bacterial and anti-virus
2. Boosting immune function
3. Anti-inflammatory and heat relieving

Wild chrysanthemum: containing alcohol, Yejuhua lactone, amino acids, trace elements and other active ingredients. It has inhibitory effect on some mouth problems and also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic effects.

Price: £6.25. Visit

For purchasing information, please phone TIENS at 020 8200 7788.

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