New oral scanner launched

A new dental scanner has been hailed ‘the most significant change in dentistry in last 20 years’.

It takes digital images from inside the mouth and emails them directly to the dental lab for crowns and bridges.

The new 3M chairside scanner was launched at the official opening of Dental Technology Services’ new digital dental laboratory in Glasgow.

Demonstrating the model, Glasgow dentist Jamie Newlands said: ‘This new technology is as significant to dentistry, as the move from 35mm film was to digital, in a photographic camera!’
The Glaswegian family-run business, Dental Technology Services (DTS), has invested more than £2million into developing a digital dental laboratory and has the first oral scanner in the UK.

They feel this new technology would be ‘particularly useful to dentists in the Highlands and
Islands and other outlying areas across the UK who could more easily send information to the dental lab by email’.

Graham Littlejohn, of DTS, expects up to 200 dentists to take up the new technology by the end of the year.

The oral scanner costs around £15,000 and goes on sale directly to dentists in the summer.

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