September 2021
On demand: The business of dentistry with Sandeep Kumar and Sameer Patel (chaired by Justin Leigh)
Speaker(s): Justin Leigh, Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Dr Sameer Patel
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The Speakers

The business of dentistry with Sandeep Kumar and Sameer Patel (chaired by Justin Leigh)

During this webinar, Sameer Patel and Sandeep Kumar will talk about how to manage your dental practice like a business.

  • Learning to manage your practice as a business
  • Understand the principles of business leadership from leaders in the field
  • Discover the impact of focusing on the patient experience.

Learn how to

  • Set ambitious goals for your dental practice
  • Lead your practice as a business
  • Improve engagement and team performance
  • Better serve your patients and elevate their experience.

Speaker: Justin Leigh

Justin Leigh is the founder of Focus4Growth, a sales and leadership training company specialising in the dental market. He’s also the bestselling author of Inspire, Consult, Sell and Coaching Leaders. Justin has trained thousands of business and dental professionals in companies, including 3M, Align Technology, the Mismile Network, Biohorizons and many more. He’s the BDIA's preferred sales trainer and is invited to speak for many business organisations including the BDA, the BACD, FMC's dentistry events, the IoD, and many more. Justin is the business coach on the Dental Practice Accelerator programme, working alongside Sandeep Kumar and Sameer Patel. Together they’re mentoring and coaching one fortunate practice team to become a ‘Million Pound Practice’. Justin is the co-host of the Dentistry on Purpose podcast with Mark Topley where they talk with market-leaders in dentistry about leadership, purpose, professional development and business growth. His mission is to share world class business best practice with his dental clients, so they become market leaders who make a positive impact in the world.

Speaker: Sandeep Kumar

Dr Sandeep Kumar is one of the UK’s leading Invisalign Diamond Providers and has created more than 4,000 beautiful new smiles with Invisalign in his private clinics. Sandeep can only be described as a trailblazer in the world of Invisalign. Originally from India, Sandeep came to the UK in 1999. He qualified with the GDC in 2000 and on the lookout for his next opportunity, bought his first practice in 2003. More than 20 years later and after recognising the huge business potential Invisalign could bring, Sandeep has built his success around the clear aligner brand and has inspired and encouraged those around him to do the same. Founder of three successful private clinic brands, the MiSmile Network and the MiSmile Academy, Sandeep also shares his thoughts and opinions with the wider industry and can often be found on stage speaking and training others on the opportunities Invisalign can harness.

Speaker: Sameer Patel

CEO, Partner and Co-Founder of e11even dental wellness, London and Partner at Blandy House Dental Practice, Henley on Thames. On acquisition of e11even orthodontics 11 years ago, Sameer has played an instrumental role in metamorphosing a small two surgery, single speciality practice, into an 18-clinician multidisciplinary practice. He has, through carefully planned growth and acquisitions, grown it 600% in 9 years. He did this with many failures and would like to try and help you to avoid making the same mistakes. His clinical ethos is all centred around minimally invasive care which he instils into his hand-picked clinicians. His leadership, motivation, and teamship culture all stems from his sporting background. Sameer has played and captained at County and Club level both home and abroad with great success, bringing these vales into the dental setting. He is known for his charity work, partnerships and annual percentage profit contributions to Smile Train, Keen, Salvation Army and dental missions to Uganda and India. His willingness to give for the greater good has been recognised amongst his fraternity peers and nationally. Sameer has appeared on Sky News, ITV and has been recommended by Tatler as “the go to Dental Surgeon in UK”.   ‘Excellence is a process and not a destination’- is his belief and a belief of all that surround him and work alongside him have come to know, love and practice.
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