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Planning for a future in private practice – one step at a time
Join Zoe Close, Chris Groombridge and Richard Ollive on Tuesday 5 March at 7pm as they discuss planning for a…
Should you be concerned about losing patients when converting from NHS to private?
‘Dentists, take heart!’ – Anju Jairath, Les Jones and Zoe Close address some common concerns when converting from NHS to…
NHS to Private
Breaking down NHS conversion barriers
Join Les Jones, Zoe Close and Anju Jairath on Thursday 14 September as he discusses breaking down NHS conversion barriers…
The impact of the dental landscape on patient mindsets
Gaby Bissett speaks to Zoe Close, head of sales at the Practice Plan Group, who considers the state of the…
NHS to Private
Is there a future for NHS dentistry?
Zoe Close spoke to key industry figures about the future of NHS dentistry – should dentists find a way to…
How to make your dental practice a top talent magnet
Join Zoe Close on Tuesday 7 February 2023 at 7pm as she discusses how to make your dental practice a…
CSR as an aid to recruitment and retention
Practice Plan head of sales, Zoe Close, talks to CSR expert and coach, Mark Topley, about the part CSR can…
NHS to Private
Sustainability – small steps to make a big difference
Sustainability has become a hot topic over recent years. Practice Plan’s head of sales, Zoe Close, spoke to Wesleyan’s group…
Smart money moves ahead of a looming recession
Join Alan Suggett and Zoe Close on Tuesday 25 October 2022 at 7pm as they discuss smart money moves ahead…
How CSR can help you survive the recruitment and retention crisis
Join Mark Topley and Zoe Close on Thursday 29 September at 7pm as they discuss how CSR can help you…
Private Practice
What is the posture of depression and how does it impact dentists?
Zoe Close caught up with dentist, speaker and business coach, Barry Oulton, to explore his claims about the posture of…
Four reasons why now is the right time to consider moving from NHS to private dentistry
Zoe Close looks at how four changes in the dental landscape show why now is the right time to consider…
NHS to Private
Practice Plan puts on extra one-to-one NHS Conversion clinics due to high demand
Practice Plan puts on extra one-to-one NHS Conversion clinics due to high demand. Practice Plan has announced a host of…
NHS to Private
How our growing membership plan is allowing us to add surgeries and expand our practice
Zoe Close caught up with Sean Maguire, principal dentist and partner at Pontefract Dental Care, to discuss their significant growth…
NHS to Private
NHS to Private – Zoe Close on why the time is now
We hear from Zoe Close who hammers home why now is the time to take the step into private practice. …
NHS to Private
NHS England’s activity target silence ‘speaks volumes’
Zoe Close looks at the latest government announcement on the increased NHS activity targets, and the impact it will have…
NHS to Private
Practice Plan – support that goes beyond a plan
Zoe Close discusses how a plan provider can help you make changes in your business and give you the long-lasting…
NHS to Private
Practice Plan NHS to Private One-to-One clinics
Zoe Close introduces Practice Plan’s NHS to Private Dentistry One-to-One clinics, what’s involved as well as how you can register.…
NHS to Private
90 seconds with…Zoe Close
Zoe Close talks about how she fell into dentistry and what she thinks the future of the profession will look…
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