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Catch up with this week’s dental news – 20 July 2024
It’s been a busy week in the world of dental news. Missed the headlines? Here’s what’s happened over the past…
Smoking ban to go ahead, government confirms
The King’s Speech has confirmed that the smoking ban proposed by former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will go ahead under…
What’s happening to the proposed smoking ban?
The Tobacco and Vapes Bill, which would effectively initiate a smoking ban, has been dropped in the run-up to the…
What does the profession think of the smoking ban?
Dental professionals respond to the news that MPs have voted in favour of the tobacco and vapes bill which will…
MPs vote in favour of UK smoking ban
The House of Commons has voted in favour of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s smoking ban by 383 votes to 67.…
Smoking ban proposal dubbed ‘absolutely nuts’
As the smoking ban proposed by prime minister Rishi Sunak is to be debated today (16 April), several experts and…
New Zealand to scrap smoking ban – while UK remains ‘committed’
New Zealand’s new government plans to scrap the nation’s smoking ban to help fund tax cuts – while Rishi Sunak…
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 6 May 2023
It’s been a busy week for dental news. Missed it? Here’s what’s happened over the past seven days… Millions of…
Would a smoking ban and fruit juice tax improve oral health?
George Osborne has called for a smoking ban and to extend the sugar tax to fruit juices. But what does…
Health & research
George Osborne calls for smoking ban and fruit juice tax
Ex-chancellor George Osborne has urged the government to implement new public health interventions to reduce obesity and cancer. George Osborne…
Oral health
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Time to end…
Tokyo 2020 set to become first smoking-free olympics
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics is announcing a total ban on smoking, including e-cigarettes, at all outdoor and indoor…
Oral health
Smoke levels drop by 81% in Scottish prisons
Air quality improved significantly in Scottish jails the week after a smoking ban was introduced. Second-hand smoke levels dropped by…
Oral health
Disney introduces smoking ban in its parks
Disney is banning smoking at Walt Disney World, Disney Land and water parks from today. Vaping and smoking can now only take…
Oral health
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