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Seven reasons why dental nurses should advocate for fairer salaries
Following the latest Dentistry’s Big Question, Preetee Hylton shares her thoughts on the salaries of dental nurses and why now…
Domestic abuse: is it any of our business in dentistry?
For Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, Gemma Forsythe talks to Preetee Hylton about the signs of domestic abuse and…
Dental nursing isn’t dying, it’s progressing
In response to ‘sexist’ comments about recruitment struggles in dental nursing, Preetee Hylton highlights why it is essential that employers…
Dental Nursing
‘We need to change the entire system’ – your thoughts on today’s dental climate
The cost of living crisis, NHS access troubles, increased interest rates – as families struggle across the country, many are…
World Mental Health Day with Preetee Hylton – ‘I felt alone, misunderstood, and judged’
Preetee Hylton opens up about why mental health conversations are so important to her both personally and professionally. Why are…
90 seconds with…Preetee Hylton
  We speak to Preetee Hylton about how she entered the dentistry profession, where she sees it going in the…
Dental Nursing
Why dental professionals need regular breaks for a respectful workplace
In the face of the current recruitment crisis facing dentistry, Preetee Hylton highlights the importance of making the practice a…
North of England Dentistry Show – Preetee Hylton discusses domestic abuse
Preetee Hylton will introduce delegates to the Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse at the North of England Dentistry Show. Taking…
Dental Nursing
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