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An interview with Donna Campbell – looking into the future of orthodontic therapy
Professor Bob Ireland, honorary professionial teaching fellow at the University of Warwick, speaks to chair of the Orthodontic Therapist Society,…
Orthodontic therapists – employed versus self employed?
Chair for the Orthodontic Nation Group, Sally Dye gives us the benefits and drawbacks of both options. Employment presents in…
Study day hosted by ONG for dental nurses and therapists
The Orthodontic National Group (ONG) has announced the date for its Spring study day next year. The event will take place on…
An exciting array of speakers for nurses and orthodontic therapists at the BOC
The British Orthodontic Society has worked closely with the Orthodontic National Group to deliver an impressive line-up of speakers over the…
Launch of the Orthodontic Therapists Society
On Saturday 23rd March, an inaugural meeting of the Orthodontic Therapists Society (OTS) was held at The University of Warwick Medical…
Tales of a therapist: Sophie Noske
Orthodontic therapist Sophie Noske from Ewell Orthodontics in Surrey describes her momentous and emotional journey to qualification I started my…
Tales of a therapist: Adriana Bosianek
Adriana Bosianek tells us about her journey to become an orthodontic therapist There are many of you out there looking…
Update of BOS guidance on supervision of orthodontic therapists
The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) has updated its guidance on the supervision of orthodontic therapists (OTs) More than 400 OTs…
Dentists told to be ‘open minded and embrace change’
The British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT) is asking all dentists to make a New Year’s resolution to view the…
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