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Oral microbiome transplants could prevent dental decay, study says
Early results from a trial into the efficacy of oral microbiome transplants suggest that the procedure successfully prevents dental caries…
Celebrating 10 years of direct access
Dr Victoria Sampson, the award-winning London-based dentist, marked 10 years of direct access with a special open day dedicated to…
Oral health
Research demonstrates impact of COVID-19 on the oral microbiome
An observational study into the effect of COVID-19 on the oral microbiome has found that severe cases led to a…
Oral health
The oral microbiome – what is it and why is it so important?
Ahead of the Guided Biofilm Therapy Summit in London this September, speaker Victoria Sampson shares her insight into the oral…
Oral health
Advancing an understanding of the oral microbiome
Surina Sehgal discusses the importance of the oral microbiome and explains why the dental team should talk to patients about…
Oral health
Dental experiment conducted in space returns safely to earth
Packs of oral health devices that were rocketed into space as part of an experiment into oral biofilms have been…
Oral health
The oral microbiome: kickstarting the conversation
Join Maria Papavergos as she discusses the oral microbiome during a free webinar on Wednesday 5 May at 19:00. This…
Oral health
Just 24 hours of interrupted oral health leads to complications
Just 24 to 72 hours of interrupted oral health can lead to a drop in ‘good oral bacteria’, a study…
Oral health
The lifestyle approach to oral health and wellbeing
The mouth is a window to the whole body. With people’s increased appetite for protecting their own health, we have…
Oral health
Nurturing the oral microbiome
Maria Papavergos paints the preventative picture and explains why and how we can all nurture our oral microbiome. The education…
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