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Is implant dentistry the best career path for a working mum?
This month, Morven McCauley explores implant dentistry as a solution for balancing work and parenting as a mum. There is…
The mother of all days
Megan Fairhall talks about the challenges and opportunities she has faced as a woman and mother working in dentistry. How…
Balancing work and motherhood as a corporate owner
‘The most demanding phase of my life’: Anushika Brogan discusses how to navigate the perfect balance of work and motherhood.…
‘You have to work harder as a woman’ – a playdate with Kreena and Risha
Dentistry meets endondontic specialists Kreena Patel and Risha Patel on a playdate to discuss ‘mum guilt’, finding the balance between…
Dentistry and parenthood – ‘listen to your body and your mind’
Robiha Nazir talks about the challenges of taking on parenthood while juggling a career in dentistry and offers her top…
‘My priority in life was my career’: balancing work with motherhood
Deepa Bharakhda discusses deciding to start a family alongside her career, the challenges of juggling her family and work life,…
‘You can lead a fulfilled life with or without children’ – living child-free in dentistry
‘It’s not been something that I have felt an overwhelming urge to pursue’ – Alison Edisbury talks through why it’s…
Oral health
‘There’s no way I won’t be a mother’: Manrina Rhode on trying for a child
In a very honest discussion, Manrina Rhode discusses her challenging journey of trying for a child, how it’s affected her…
‘Being a mother is the hardest job I will ever have’
As part of our Celebrating Women in Dentistry series, Dr Mumtaz Awan speaks openly about embarking on motherhood, balancing it…
Dentistry podcast – Raabiha Maan on balancing motherhood and dentistry
Raabiha Maan opens up about motherhood and how she’s been balancing the responsibilities with those of her newly-bought practice. In…
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