Kayley McCauley

Kayley McCauley

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Kayley McCauley accepted a position with Poole Hospital NHS Trust in June 2011 and worked there for two years, treating head and neck oncology patients, in the maxillofacial department. She also worked for over five years at two local dental practices in Dorset. As a locum hygienist therapist, she helped cover other practices from cancelling appointments, while on maternity leave, following the birth of Thea in 2017. Kayley and her husband Philip set up Dorset Dental Clinic in 2018, to continue their passion for the best patient care, highest standards of treatments, helping the local community and being as eco-friendly and locally sourced as possible.

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Maintaining dental implants away from the dental practice

Dental implants are commonplace in dental practices across the UK. Maintaining them is of utmost importance to the dental team. Kayley McCauley explains why dental hygienists need several things to do this optimally. Firstly, they need to have excellent communication skills. This is so patients can understand the need for professional maintenance and feel supported…

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