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Filipe Amante

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LMD MSc is in private practice in London and Cambridgeshire. He has completed extensive postgraduate training in implant dentistry, oral surgery and digital and cosmetic dentistry. Filipe has been shortlisted for numerous professional awards, including Best Young Dentist and Digital Rookie. Patrik Zachrisson LEG TDL KI CertDentImp FICOI Graduated as a dental surgeon in 1996. Patrik is an award winning, highly experienced clinician providing multidisciplinary treatments in orthodontics, implants and smile design as well as teaching in digital dentistry. He is based in Harley Street, London, is principal of the Wensleydale Dental Practice and runs his own dental laboratory. He is vice president of the International Digital Dental Academy.

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Partial extraction therapy: the socket shield technique and digital workflow

Filipe Amante and Patrik Zachrisson describe the use of partial extraction therapy in a case of coronal fracture of a maxillary lateral incisor. The usage of osseointegrated dental implants to replace missing or hopeless teeth is currently regarded as one of the best treatment options in dentistry worldwide.  The technique was presented to the world … Continued

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