Take notice: Zirkonzahn’s CAD/CAM system is open!

Take notice: Zirkonzahn's CAD/CAM system is open!

Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM systems are designed to generate open data files generally compatible with all open CAD software, milling units or 3D printers.

In its homeland nestled in the Italian Alps, Zirkonzahn develops and produces – nearly under one roof – CAD/CAM systems, dental materials, elaboration instruments and prosthetic components for more than 140 implant systems.

What’s more, Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM systems, including the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner, are designed to generate and process open data files (STL, OBJ). The data are generally compatible with all open CAD software, milling units or 3D printers.

Similarly, materials as well as open scan and design data from other manufacturers can be processed with Zirkonzahn software and milling units. Freedom and flexibility are important aspects to consider. Zirkonzahn’s workflow is therefore crafted to alternate seamlessly between analogue and digital.

Flexibility and compatibility

With a workflow permitting seamless transition between digital and analogue, Zirkonzahn offers a flexible and complete solution for the fabrication of exceptional dental restorations.

By producing almost everything at its manufacturing sites and never surrendering control to others, the family-owned company perfectly calibrates each workflow component to the next.

Zirkonzahn’s first aim is to provide laboratories a symbiotic ecosystem of innovative hardware, software, restorative materials and implant prosthetic components. This ensures a 100% smooth work process for technicians and clinicians, from patient data acquisition, articulation, virtual design and milling to placing the restoration in the patient’s mouth.

Product expansion

Zirkonzahn’s digital workflow has been recently expanded with the new intraoral scanner and a complete add-on package for 3D printing. The Detection Eye intraoral scanner permits jaw digitisation in less than 60 seconds and scan files can be exported in STL, OBJ and PLY formats.

With the new P4000 system for 3D printing, dentists and dental technicians are provided with a pre-set package specially conceived for the dental workflow and the manufacture of resin dental models. The system, which includes the P4000 Printer, the Zirkonzahn.Slicer software and the L300 Post-Curing Lamp, is open system but works ideally in combination with the Printer Resins and Printer Resins Waterbased by Zirkonzahn.

The pre-configured settings are particularly advantageous. Not only does they ensure full compatibility between all components included, but they also prevent the user from spending valuable time testing print parameters or finding the most suitable resins and devices.

For the skeptical or curious readers, it is important to note that also Zirkonzahn’s doors are always open. The South-Tyrolean firm is glad to welcome eager-to-learn dental technicians and dentists to their manufacturing sites, headquarters, dental lab and education centres in the heart of the Alps.

For more information about open CAD/CAM systems scan the code or visit www.zirkonzahn.com.

This article is sponsored by Zirkonzahn.

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