Setting new standards with bionic hair brushes

Setting new standards with bionic hair brushes

Renfert introduces its bionic hair technology and the benefits of the evo line of ceramic brushes, all of which utilise bionic hair.

In a world of dental technology where precision and stability are key, Renfert (Hilzingen, Germany) presents a game-changer in ceramic brushes: the evo brush edition. The special bionic hair technology used in these brushes combines the best of natural and synthetic bristles, for a product that is in a class of its own.

Three of Renfert’s most popular brushes are now available with bionic hair. To tell the ‘newbies’ apart from the classic models, each model will now be additionally named ‘evo’. Thanks to bionic hair, evo brushes offer remarkable quality and durability. The fineness, elasticity and stability of the brush tip allow targeted layering.

Due to greater tension and firmness, even the smallest quantities of ceramic can be taken up and applied perfectly.

What’s more, the molecular structure of the fibres absorbs moisture perfectly, impressing with the characteristic moisture management for which natural hair brushes are also renowned.

A real trendsetterlay:art evo

The lay:art evo is at the forefront when it comes to excellence in dental technology. Positioned as a premium model, this brush aspires to so much more than just functionality. Visually appealing, it’s designed for everyone who expects nothing but the best.

Whether it’s the Big Brush with a brush belly as a water reservoir, the flame shape, or the conical geometry, the fine and sturdy tip of the lay:art evo stays in shape even when loaded.

As a pioneer of bionic hair technology, this high-end brush is an example of sustainability, convenience, and design in perfect harmony. The new refill approach of the lay:art evo – compatible with brush systems featuring exchangeable tips from other manufacturers – demonstrates this commitment.

The ergonomics of the lay:art evo are tailored to provide dental technicians with maximum control. The lightweight design ensures relaxed handling, and a sleek, anodised-aluminum handle surface blends modern esthetics with durability. This makes the lay:art evo a must for all those who refuse to accept anything less.

A new model with a long historyGenius evo

The popular Genius brush range will also be extended with the evo edition. Genius evo combines over 40 years of Renfert brush expertise with the groundbreaking benefits of bionic hair. The practical color guard ring not only highlights the brush size in color but also includes integrated rollaway protection.

What’s more, the Genius evo comes with a clever protective feature: simply twisting the brush end retracts or extends the brush tip. The pleasant soft-touch handle material and the lightweight design ensure a comfortable feel. These features make the Genius evo the perfect companion for your daily ceramic work.

The master performerKolinsky evo

Kolinsky evo is a winner for anyone seeking a high-performance ceramic brush that offers durability and efficiency. As with the classic Kolinsky, six different brush sizes are available so that the brush can adapt to any requirement.

Optimised to meet the economic demands of the daily dental technology routine while effortlessly handling challenging tasks, the Kolinsky stands out as a reliable partner in the daily laboratory routine.

A class of its ownbionic hair technology

All three evo brushes benefit from bionic hair technology that ensures exceptional durability, unbeatable moisture control, and a precise tip. The newly developed bionic hair represents a paradigm shift in the world of ceramic brushes, meeting modern economic and ecological demands.

In this way, the Renfert evo edition offers the best of both worlds, the natural and synthetic bristle brushes, and sets new standards in quality, performance, and sustainability. It’s a true evolution – ‘making work easy’.

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This article is sponsored by Renfert.

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