Unlock your true implant potential 

Unlock your true implant potential 

Getting the most out of your implant practice requires a partnership with those who have the heritage and brand legacy to support you.  

The decision-making process of partnering with an implant provider extends far beyond the simple selection of an implant. It encompasses every aspect of the journey, from in-surgery support to unwavering customer service and ongoing education. It’s about embracing the complete package. This holistic approach holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your career as well as the patient experience. 

With BioHorizons Camlog, there is a convergence of excellence in implant dentistry and ongoing innovation. Here, dental professionals can find a comprehensive array of premium products, cutting-edge technology, regenerative materials, digital innovations backed by exceptional support. 

Making connections for 30 years

Sharing common threads of science, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in evidence-based dental implant products, the remarkable fusion of BioHorizons Camlog began in 1994 and 1999 respectively. Since 2016, BioHorizons Camlog have been strategically joining forces under the umbrella of the Henry Schein Global Oral Reconstruction Group. In coming together, both entities have weaved a narrative that leverages our combined forces to accelerate evolution within global implant dentistry. 

In this 30-year period, our commitment to comprehensive solutions has led us to embrace innovative materials, refined surface treatments, and ground-breaking bone regenerative products. But choosing BioHorizons Camlog means you’ll receive more than an implant system, you’ll benefit from unwavering customer support, bespoke advice, continuing education and business growth initiatives.  

Implants: build on heritage to boost your implant volume 

Revolutionary progress requires an innovative support system. At the heart of BioHorizons Camlog lies a commitment to delivering high-quality implants rooted in decades of scientific research. Clinically proven solutions such as the Tapered Pro and Conelog Progressive-Line bolster clinical success and patient satisfaction.  

Increasing your implant volume requires confidence in your system of choice. We take pride in several milestones, including the development of the Laser-Lok surface which has shown impressive biologic responses, inhibiting epithelial downgrowth and promoting connective tissue attachment.   

Biomaterials: regenerate with freedom 

Growing your implant base requires a comprehensive range of regenerative and patient-centric biomaterials. With BioHorizons Camlog’s extensive portfolio across xenograft, allograft and synthetic solutions, as well as advanced collagen membranes, clinicians can create a solid base for hard and soft tissue growth to suit yours and your patients’ needs.

By providing a solid foundation for natural-looking aesthetics and long-term functionality, BioHorizons Camlog supports clinicians in achieving greater treatment flexibility and patient acceptance. 

Full arch: diversify to amplify 

Scaling your dental business goes beyond simply placing more implants. Diversifying your implant services with immediate and delayed protocols, or advancing from single to full-arch, can help attract a wider patient and referral base. Efficient full-arch rehabilitation is made possible with BioHorizons Camlog’s reliable implant systems, complemented by the TeethXpress and CONELOG Multi-unit abutment system.  

Continued education and chairside visitation: enhancing skills for life 

Investing in education is crucial for unlocking practice potential and achieving long-term success. Through a comprehensive education programme alongside dynamic masterclasses, symposiums, and webinars, clinicians who partner with BioHorizons Camlog can engage with industry experts and gain practical insights to excel in various aspects of implant dentistry.  

Additionally, the BioHorizons Camlog Chairside Visitation programme provides clinicians with personalised mentorship, offering clinical observation and support for vital surgical procedures. By connecting clinicians with experienced mentors, BioHorizons Camlog fosters skill enhancement and patient care improvement, ensuring focused learning and practical insights for professional development and long-term clinical excellence. 

Switch for strategic success 

A thoughtful approach is needed when focusing on an effective business strategy. In addition to providing exceptional implant solutions, BioHorizons Camlog offers a range of support services, including dedicated education websites and complimentary patient education tools. These platforms provide clinicians with access to the latest news, clinical articles, educational resources, and case studies, enriching their implant journey and facilitating continuous learning and growth. 

Implant dentist Stephanie Kerk’s experience has allowed her to grow her practice.

‘Tom and the team have made a great difference to my implant business. Whenever I want to take the next step in my implant journey, I always have support with courses, advice, and practice visits. That means I can grow my implant business to a multiple of where it was previously and can offer patients more advanced solutions.’

In this dynamic environment, BioHorizons Camlog stands out, offering implant dentists the tools and resources they need to thrive in the ever-evolving field of implant dentistry. It’s more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to education, clinical efficacy, and success. 

Embark on a journey of opportunity where you can truly unlock your implant potential and get the most out of your implant practice in partnership with those who have the heritage and brand legacy to support you. Click here for more information.  

This article is sponsored by BioHorizons Camlog.

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