Revolutionising dental luting with Riva Cem Automix 

Revolutionising dental luting with Riva Cem Automix 

The longevity and stability of your indirect restorations relies on the quality of your dental luting – SDI explains how Riva Cem Automix can help.

Riva Cem Automix is a revolutionary resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement that harnesses the innovative ionglass technology to offer superior bond strength, exceptional durability and unparalleled aesthetics.  

With a growing demand for minimally invasive procedures and continuous advancements in the mechanical properties of luting cements to help enhance patient outcomes and simplify clinical procedures, we have seen a consistent growth in the resin-modified glass ionomer cements (RMGICs) market. A hybrid luting cement, RMGICs combine the benefits of both resin-based materials and glass-ionomer cement. The result is a balance of ease of use, speed and tooth protection combined with the strength of a resin cement.  

Introducing Riva Cem Automix 

Riva Cem Automix, a resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement developed by SDI, offers a comprehensive solution for dentists seeking superior bond strength, high flexural strength, and minimal waste. Powered by SDI’s revolutionary ionglass technology, this resin-modified glass ionomer cement harnesses the unique properties of different-sized reactive glass particles to optimise ion release and cross-link polycarboxylic acid chains. 

A self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing paste/paste resin modified glass ionomer luting cement, Riva Cem Automix is indicated for the permanent cementation of metal and ceramic restorations. Plus, the automix tip attachment offers complete convenience over traditional hand mixed cements.  

Superior bond and high flexural strength 

One of the defining features of Riva Cem Automix is its exceptional bond strength to enamel and dentine, which is essential for the long-term retention of cement restorations. In vitro studies conducted over six months have demonstrated its reliable adhesion to tooth structure, surpassing that of other leading luting cements (Figure 1). This superior bond strength not only ensures the longevity of restorations but also provides clinicians with confidence in their treatment outcomes. 

Additionally, Riva Cem Automix boasts a high flexural strength (MPa) (Figure 2), making it highly durable in the oral environment. This characteristic enables the cement to withstand masticatory forces effectively, contributing to the overall success of the restoration. 

Revolutionary ionglass technology 

At the heart of Riva Cem Automix lies SDI’s proprietary ionglass technology, a ground-breaking formulation that sets it apart from traditional glass ionomer cements. By carefully selecting and combining reactive glass particles of varying sizes, SDI has optimised ion release to facilitate the cross-linking of polycarboxylic acid chains. This focused ion release not only enhances bond strength but also improves the stability and aesthetic properties of the cement. 

Less cement waste  

In addition to its clinical benefits, Riva Cem Automix offers practical advantages that streamline the cementation process and minimise waste. The automix tip attachment provides convenience over traditional hand-mixing methods, ensuring precise and consistent cement delivery. Moreover, each supplied tip generates less waste compared to other leading cements (Figure 3), maximising the utilisation of material and optimising cost-effectiveness for clinicians. 

Easy excess cement removal 

Excess cement removal is a critical aspect of the cementation process, as leftover cement can compromise the health of surrounding tissues and jeopardise the longevity of restorations. Riva Cem Automix addresses this challenge with its innovative light tack cure option, which allows clinicians to easily remove excess cement after seating the restoration. By light tack curing any residual material for a brief duration with an LED curing light, clinicians can achieve precise cleanup without compromising the integrity of the restoration. 

Long term aesthetics 

Aesthetic considerations are paramount and it is important to consider a luting cement which has the least colour change over time so as not to clinically affect the aesthetic appearance of you prosthesis. Riva Cem Automix excels in this aspect too. Its sustained fluoride release and leading colour stability ensure that restorations maintain their aesthetic appeal over time. External tests have confirmed that even after six months of water storage, Riva Cem Automix exhibits minimal colour change, preserving the natural appearance of the restoration and enhancing patient satisfaction (Figure 4). 

Riva Cem Automix – an RMGIC you can trust 

Riva Cem Automix represents a landmark advancement in dental luting technology, combining superior bond strength, high flexural strength, and minimal waste in a single, innovative product. With its ionglass technology and practical features, it offers dentists a versatile and efficient solution for cementing restorations with confidence and precision.  

Indicated for the permanent cementation of various restorations, including metal and ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and orthodontic appliances, Riva Cem Automix’s versatility and reliability make it suitable for a wide range of clinical scenarios. The result: clinicians can achieve optimal outcomes, maximise value, reduce waste, and ultimately improve their standard of care by delivering exceptional results to patients. 

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