Hitting targets with automated reviews

Hitting targets with automated reviews

How Duthie Dental thrived in troubled times by boosting Google reviews and SEO rankings with a powerful review software.

Duthie Dental is a family-run mixed dental practice treating NHS and private patients in Liverpool. They’ve been delivering exceptional dental care since 1978, but have only focused on optimising their online presence in the last 18 months – integrating Working Feedback with Dentally to grow patient numbers and brand reputation.

  • More than quadrupled their Google reviews in just over a year (96 to 522)
  • Raised their Google review star rating from 4.7 stars to a rock-solid 4.9 stars
  • Reached page one of Google for key search terms in the dental industry.

The story

For close to 50 years, Duthie Dental has been providing the people of Liverpool with a range of high-quality dental services but, by its own admission, the practice hadn’t evolved along with the modern age of online reviews. Feedback was still collected manually on an ad-hoc basis – and typically only from regular patients who were happy to lend a hand!

For the practice to perform in a highly competitive industry, an increase in patient reviews was the key to growth. The team identified Working Feedback as a suitable solution to integrate with Dentally, revolutionise their review process, save staff time and start making the most of their satisfied patient base.

The struggle

In the last 12 months, many dental practices have seen a dip in new patient generation but Duthie Dental saw this as an opportunity to capture more market share through the power of online reviews. This was smart thinking but their process simply wasn’t strong enough to make a real impact.

With infrequent responses to the NHS ‘Friends and Family’ link, a laborious approach for employees and an average of just one Google Review each month, improvements were needed if the practice was to take the next step on their growth journey. After all, how can you expect to drum up more business if you’re unable to build trust with potential new patients online?

The strategy

As a Dentally partner, Working Feedback could be integrated with Duthie Dental’s practice management software – a simple first step to handle feedback processes under one roof. By removing the manual requirements on staff, review requests could be sent automatically to every patient who had an appointment, creating the catalyst for multiple benefits to the practice, including search engine rankings.

With regular Google reviews (moderated and published by Working Feedback when delivered to a patient who is logged into Google), Duthie Dental could leverage the power of SEO to be amongst the top results when new leads are searching for dental services locally. 

The solution

With Working Feedback’s strategy in place, Duthie Dental was able to achieve all of their targets and more – boosting patient numbers while other practices struggled to retain their own. The practice went from 96 reviews to 522 Google reviews and an average of 1.3 to 20 Google reviews per month (yes, seriously!) which had a huge knock-on effect for online presence.

For keywords where the practice didn’t rank at all, like implants or whitening, Duthie Dental went to page one of Google and massively increased the regularity of booked appointments. The real beauty? All of this was handled without manual input from staff – fully integrated with Dentally in a plug-and-play process!

Duthie Dental saw these results with Working Feedback… and you can, too!

  • Integrated a powerful review software with Dentally to massively boost monthly average review rates without extra staff resource
  • Gathered information on what treatments patients want and need to generate £150k of further opportunities in line with the practice’s model of ethical selling
  • Fostered a sense of pride amongst practice employees by automatically sharing positive, personalised feedback from satisfied patients.

For more information, visit www.workingfeedback.co.uk.

This article is sponsored by Working Feedback.

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