Orsing Bio: the future of your dental practice

Orsing Bio: the future of your dental practice

Orsing explains how practices can make greener choices when ordering dental supplies and join them in creating a more sustainable future for dentistry.

Though dental professionals and patients alike are becoming more aware of the need to live and work more sustainably, reducing their environmental impact can seem like a huge task for dental practices. One small change that can make a big difference is your choice of dental supplies. 

Introducing Orsing Bio

Did you know that, for more than five years, Orsing has a range of products made from Green PE? Green PE is a bio-based fossil-free polyethylene produced from sugarcane, a renewable raw material with all of the benefits of similar fossil-based materials.

Benefits of Green PE

  • Green PE reduces CO2 emissions by >80% compared to fossil plastics
  • Sugarcane plants are renewable up to eight harvests with little need for using machines in between harvests
  • The large leaves of sugarcane plants absorb a huge amount of CO2 while growing
  • Sugarcane is grown in areas where rainforests and agriculture do not thrive, meaning manufacturing it does not affect biodiversity.

What does this mean for practices?

  • Increased costs are minimal, making switching to Green PE a cost-effective way to reduce your environmental impact
  • More and more patients are looking for sustainability in their chosen practice
  • Recruitment is easier when staff feel that they are working for an ethical business.

Together clinics and patients are giving more thought to the environmental cost of dentistry. Choosing more sustainable products supports the reduction and slowing of natural catastrophes, which is an urgent need.

How to make the switch

All you need to do is place an order with Orsing! The Bio line by Orsing contains of more than 15 products. These include saliva ejectors, aspirator tubes, adaptors and the Bio Cup. If you and your clinic order via your dental dealer, Orsing is ready to produce. 

All clinics can download the Green Clinic Certificate from the Orsing website to show their patients that they are supporting the environment by using fossil-free products. The certificate can be found at www.orsing.se/certificate.

Orsing is committed to a sustainable future for dentistry – creating the Bio line is the company’s first step towards reducing the environmental impact of the dental industry. It’s up to clinics now to join Orsing in making their green vision a reality. 

For more information and to order the Bio line by Orsing, visit www.orsing.se/products/bio-products

This article is sponsored by Orsing.

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