Love Teeth: the devil’s in the detail

Kunal and Lucy Patel, of Love Teeth, reveal the biggest challenges they faced when creating their dream dental practice.

It can be very easy to get carried away when designing your dream dental practice and miss important details. This can affect the final result and ultimately diminish the impact that a stunning new practice should have on the team and on patients.

To avoid this, it’s crucial that practice principals work with experts in the field who know what to look out for and how to prepare for the very best results. The right people can advise on everything from equipment selection, installation and maintenance, to surgery layout, ventilation building control, local fire authority approval and overall compliance. Those with knowledge of and experience specifically in the dental industry will be able to guide a project to completion in the most efficient way possible.

This is something that Kunal and Lucy Patel took advantage of when building their practices across London. They were able to fulfil their ambitious plan for five new dental practices inside two years by doing their research and working with the best in the business when it came to equipment suppliers, practice designers and other professional services.

Seamless process

Kunal chose to work with RPA Dental for the surgery design, supply, installation and on-going equipment maintenance. For him, this meant getting the smallest details right from the very beginning. As he discusses in the second video instalment of this mini-series, even something like the orientation of the dental chairs within each surgery was important for maximising the space available and ensuring an excellent patient experience. Getting this wrong could have compromised patient comfort and been expensive to rectify at a later date!

Other details like understanding lead times for ordering equipment can further help to ensure an efficient building process – too early and you have to find somewhere to store large equipment, too late and practice opening could be delayed. When looking to build new practices at a rate as impressive as Kunal, this becomes even more crucial!

Kunal didn’t have to worry about any such issues because he had the support of RPA Dental, who has extensive experience specifically within dentistry to encourage a seamless process.

He described RPA Dental as a ‘lifesaver’ – find out more by watching the video.

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