Dentistry Sustainability Audit: how sustainable is your dental practice?

Dentistry Sustainability Audit: how sustainable is your dental practice?

If you’re keen to make changes to the way you work but don’t know where to start then the free, simple Dentistry Sustainability Audit is here to demystify the process.

If you’re wondering how your practice can become more sustainable but don’t know where to begin, wonder no longer. Dentistry’s free sustainability audit, powered by Go Practice Green, is here to help. 

We’ve developed the audit as a simple, clear and effective tool that any practice can use. Completing the questionnaire will build out a custom report for your business, based on your scores across a range of areas – with personalised suggestions on where you can start making changes. 

From carbon offsetting to improving biodiversity and effectively reducing waste, the audit covers the core principles of sustainability in dental practice. It’s split up into four pillars: 

  • Recycling, single-use reduction and waste management
  • Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction 
  • Biodiversity and your local environment 
  • People and processes. 

Crucially, the audit is not here to criticise your current set up. It’s all about identifying the quick, effective wins that your practice can start working on today to make a difference for tomorrow. Whether you’re already well underway on your sustainability journey or just figuring out what your first steps should be, the hints and tips in the audit are engineered to work for you – pain free. 

The sustainability imperative

As patients and employees increasingly demand sustainability from every facet of their lives, understanding how to become eco-conscious is not just an ethical imperative – it’s a business one too.

But making the change isn’t easy. The challenges facing dental practices are legion, from tight budgets to the ever-ticking clock. The thought of adding another task to the list can seem daunting, and that’s without considering some of the myths shrouding sustainability – that it costs time and money, or that there’s no room in clinical care for becoming greener. 

Our research tells us that three quarters of UK dental practices know that demonstrating their sustainability credentials to patients is valuable – and that 90%  want to become more sustainable in their working lives.  

But there is a knowledge gap, with 80% saying they would like to understand sustainability better. And roughly half worry that adopting sustainable practices will increase costs. By partnering with Go Practice Green, Dentistry wants to shatter these misconceptions and show that becoming more sustainable won’t cost the Earth. Take the free Dentistry Sustainability Audit today! 

Take the free sustainability audit:

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