Dental implant care with GBT

Dental implant care with GBT

Harry Morris explores the indispensable role of pre- and post-implant care and the effectiveness of guided biofilm therapy (GBT) in maintaining implant health.

Over the years, dental implants have become a significant focus of modern dentistry in the UK, providing a functional and aesthetic solution for missing teeth.

The success of these implants hinges not only on the surgical procedure but also on effective post-operative care to prevent complications such as peri-implantitis. However there seems to be a disconnect here. Among patients with implants, the prevalence of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis are approximately 43% and 22% respectively.

Patients need to be made aware that maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential before and after receiving dental implants. They should also be offered a simple solution to the challenges they may face.

The role of GBT

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) offers a groundbreaking approach to the maintenance and care of dental implants. Developed by EMS, this protocol is designed as a minimally invasive solution that ensures the longevity and health of dental implants.  

The therapy includes the use of AirFlow and PerioFlow technologies, both employing PLUS powder. PLUS powder removes biofilm safely and efficiently from implant surfaces, abutments, and prostheses. In fact, it is is clinically proven to remove supra and subgingival biofilm with the highest efficiency and assures maximum patient comfort.

What’s more, the new generation of smart powders come in a new high quality, food-grade aluminium bottle. This is designed for fast and smooth powder chamber refills, long-term sustainability, and an eco-friendly solution.

Meanwhile, PerioFlow is effective in cleaning intricate implant threads and mucosal surfaces. It provides comprehensive preventive care that supports overall implant health. This technology is integral to both pre-surgical preparations and post-operative maintenance.

A groundbreaking addition

Finally, the Piezon instrument, equipped with its specialised PI tip, excels at removing biofilm and calculus from around implant abutments and restorations. It is meticulously crafted to be gentle on both the hard and soft peri-implant tissues, thus maintaining the integrity of the implant and adjacent structures.

The PI tip stands out as the thinnest tool available for peri-implant treatments up to 3mm. Mirroring the slim profile of a periodontal probe, this instrument ensures exceptional accessibility around implant abutments while minimising discomfort. It boasts remarkable flexibility, enabling safe cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

Constructed from medical-grade stainless steel and featuring a high-tech polyether ether ketone (PEEK) tip infused with 30% carbon, the instrument’s design prevents any damage to implant surfaces during cleaning. The carbon-enriched PEEK provides the necessary flexibility and ensures precise, linear movements.

Paired with the original NO PAIN module, the instrument’s design and motion combine to enhance both the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment.

An evidence-based protocol

As highlighted by decades of research, including key studies by Axelsson, Lynde, and Nyström, effective biofilm management through methods like plaque disclosure and airflow technology forms the backbone of preventive dental care.

Such strategies are increasingly recognised for their importance in maintaining oral health and preventing complications associated with dental implants. GBT represents a comprehensive approach to oral hygiene, incorporating patient education and customised treatment protocols to enhance the longevity of natural teeth and implants.

GBT in eight steps:

1. Assess – probe and screen every clinical case

2. Disclose – make biofilm visible

3. Motivate – raise awareness and teach

4. AirFlow – remove biofilm, stains and early calculus

5. PerioFlow – remove biofilm in >4 to 9 mm pockets

6. Piezon No Pain – remove remaining calculus

7. Check – make your patient smile

8. Recall – a healthy patient equals a happy patient.

Looking to the future

GBT by EMS epitomises the next step in preventive dental care, offering a systematic, efficient, and patient-friendly approach to maintaining dental implants.

Its adoption can significantly enhance the standard of care provided by dental professionals, emphasising the importance of ongoing maintenance and patient education.

For more detailed information on how GBT can benefit dental professionals and patients in the UK, visit

This article is sponsored by EMS. For references, email [email protected].

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