Keep it simple with Panavia V5 cement

Keep it simple with Panavia V5 cement

J&S Davis explains the benefits of Panavia V5 adhesive luting cement, including its aesthetics, strength and versatility.

Modern day dental adhesive luting cement Panavia V5, is suitable for all substrates and indications, with impressive aesthetics, strength, and versatility.

When comparing Panavia V5 to other cements on the market, the results are eye opening. Panavia V5 cement gives the clinician versatility, with the added bonus of being able to use it for any substrate and any indications. This, in turn, gives the potential to have only one adhesive cement in the practice, with a minimum of two years on the expiry date.

Panavia V5 is a remarkable dental adhesive luting cement that offers a comprehensive range of benefits. Let’s delve into the details:

Versatility and Indications

Panavia V5 is designed for all indications, making it suitable for various dental procedures.

Whether you’re working with adhesive bridges, veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays or implant abutments, Panavia V5 has you covered.


This cement is Kuraray’s most aesthetic option, ensuring that your restorations blend seamlessly with natural teeth.

It comes in five beautiful shades:

  • White – for brightness
  • Brown – enhances chroma
  • Universal – suitable for all cases
  • Clear – provides translucency
  • Opaque – ideal for masking imperfections.

Strength and durability

Panavia V5 boasts high bond strength to both enamel and dentine. This ensures reliable and durable cementation for: crowns, single-wing cantilever bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays and implant abutments (if you work with a lab).

Application and procedure

The cementation process is simple:

Roughen and prime the prosthetic. Apply the Panavia V5 Tooth Primer to the tooth for 20 seconds and dry. That’s it! You’re ready to cement your restorations.

Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus allows you to prime your prosthetics (metals, porcelains, zirconia, etc) directly, simplifying the workflow.

Additional Features:

  • Automix application – easy and convenient
  • Low film thickness – minimises excess cement
  • Reliable marginal sealing – ensures a tight fit
  • High mechanic sealing – ensures stability.

In summary, Panavia V5 is a game-changer in dental cementation, combining aesthetics, strength, and versatility. It’s time to reimagine your cementation appointments with this revolutionary product! 

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