When two become one – creating the business of my dreams

Sara Al-Naher, owner of Twoth Dental and Facial AestheticsFrom lockdown to luxury, Sara Al-Naher explains the story behind Twoth Dental + Facial Aesthetics, including how she combined two clinical disciplines within her business and her tips for opening a squat.

Twoth (pronounced tooth) is an amalgam of the word ‘two’ and ‘tooth’ and cleverly encapsulates a London clinic’s dual focus on dentistry and facial aesthetics. 

Opening in March 2022, Twoth Dental + Facial Aesthetics emerged from the dark days of Covid-19 to meet rising demand. The pandemic created a spike in interest in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and facial treatments. The cyclical pattern of lockdowns, social distancing and Zoom calls offered opportunities for closer self-scrutiny, which powered new interest.

People were keen to invest in procedures to refresh their appearance and boost confidence after many months of the pandemic.

Focusing on the two clinical disciplines within a business – rather than viewing facial aesthetic treatments as a bolt-on to dentistry – was, it seemed, the new order. 

For Twoth founder Sara Al-Naher, this clinical equity was there from the get-go and is ingrained in her business DNA. Dental and facial aesthetics were now so intrinsically entwined that her business could not have one without the other. She has been careful to keep the two clinical disciplines separate but still accessible should patients seek complementary treatments.

‘There is a separate dynamic in each area of the clinic. I wanted our facial aesthetics patients to receive treatment without feeling it was a dental setting. But, because both are under one roof, it gives patients options and easy access to both disciplines.’

At the heart

Working alongside her father (and latterly her two dentist siblings) for the best part of 10 years taught Sara the importance of a holistic business philosophy – one that places the happiness of employees and patients at its heart.

‘The prospect of owning a clinic was always on the horizon. The experience of working with my father taught me how to grow a business,’ she says.

Scroll back two years and, having done her ‘apprenticeship’ with her father, she was ready to branch out alone.

Sara found the perfect location for her clinic during the pandemic – in the heart of the capital’s affluent area of St John’s Wood. Her daily lockdown walks drew her back to the neighbourhood time and time again. She then realised there was a gap in what its high street had to offer.

‘There was no shopfront dental or aesthetics clinic and it was calling out for one. It is a beautiful family-friendly, community-focused neighbourhood and the stunning architecture lends itself to al fresco living. Regent’s Park is only a stone’s throw away, there’s a bustling cafe culture and I fell in love,’ Sara recalls. 

She found her dream location – a ‘damp, leaking shoe shop’ – and signed the lease in November 2021, a few days after giving birth to her daughter.

Style and substance 

Boasting one of London’s most prestigious postcodes, a local estate agent notes that St John’s Wood is ‘a grand and tranquil village in the heart of London’ and ‘one of the city’s most upmarket residential locations’.

The clinic certainly has stunning kerb appeal. But its ability to entice passers-by goes beyond the welcoming exterior. Inside, the décor of Twoth mirrors this affluence. 

The clinic is a verdant oasis. Warm colours and earthy tones run throughout the waiting area and into the treatment rooms, creating a calming pathway for patients. Chic copper features complement the shades of green, lending warmth and a homely feel to the clinical environment. Designed with elegant charm, the clinic offers a tranquil space with a calming palette, fresh flowers and scented candles throughout the passageways. 

‘As the symbolic colour of nature, soothing green can evoke a tranquil state for patients, enhancing the overall experience,’ Sara says.

Patient comfort is a priority right down to the chairs she has chosen. 

‘All our chairs come from Belmont, including two “folding leg rest” chairs, that can help our patients remain calm and offers the opportunity for our clinicians to speak face-to-face before beginning treatment. I have always had great experience with Belmont chairs and wouldn’t consider any other option,’ she says.

Providing excellence

Observations such as ‘luxurious experience’, ‘comfortable and relaxed’, ‘warm and welcoming’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘stunning’ appear throughout Twoth’s Google reviews, elevating the clinic to the status Sara aspired to from the day of inception. 

But perhaps, more importantly, it is the quality of care that is Twoth’s forte. Home to many world-class clinicians, the team has been carefully curated to deliver a wealth of dental and aesthetic treatments and therapies that meet client expectations.

With a non-clinical background, Sara was smart enough to appreciate that experience counts. She wanted to engage the best clinicians who could offer the support she had from her father while adding gravitas.

‘It was important to have an excellent, experienced team. It is all about reputation. I am proud to say we offer a clinical service built on more than 100 years of combined experience.’

First and foremost, she elicited the help of renowned orthodontist and leadership expert, Dr Neil Counihan. He was a guiding light in the process, and is also her mentor and Twoth’s clinical director. 

‘Neil is a New York-trained orthodontist with more than 30 years of experience and focuses on face-driven orthodontics

‘In terms of influence, he has been great. He brings such great wisdom and energy to Twoth, drawing on years of experience, kindness and care. I am hugely grateful to have Neil share his expertise and reputation.

‘We are very much a family-oriented practice and have dentists and specialists providing all types of dentistry – cosmetic and general, including more complex cases. 

‘Dr Tara Francis, our aesthetics director, has a very holistic approach to facial aesthetics, offers bespoke treatment plans and leads a team of great practitioners.’

‘A great set-up for ease’

Sara adds: ‘Our priority is always the patient journey, which is why we have a treatment coordinator (TCO) for each department, guiding patients, investing the time in getting to know them and building rapport during the consultation process. Our TCOs are thorough and here to listen. 

‘There is often a crossover from facial aesthetics to dentistry and vice versa. The practitioners make recommendations to each other and patients who already feel comfortable here will appreciate that they can get other treatments, so it’s a great set-up for ease of appointments.

‘Patients invariably now search the background and reputation of clinicians. I wanted to invest in my team as much as I have in the interior and the high-tech equipment we have to give the best service to our patients. It was this calibre that the clinic needed to help me achieve the business of my dreams.’

Setting a good example

So, what would Sara’s tip be for anyone looking to open a squat? 

‘Find that synergy that allows you to do great things and be more creative. Set an example to other people that you can do it. It is vital to have the support that will give you resilience. Create a team that shares your vision. 

‘At the forefront of all our minds should be positivity and kindness; I learnt that from my parents. Create a culture where everyone looks forward to going to work – that energy will be felt by patients. Thanks to my family and colleagues, I am now very excited for the future.’  

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