How to feel more confident in dental diagnosis

How to feel more confident in dental diagnosis

Dr Raabiha Maan talks about how Pearl has helped patients to feel safer and clinicians to feel more confident.

Tell us about your AI journey and how you use it?

I sometimes feel like I live in a bubble as I didn’t know about AI in dentistry up until a year ago!

I came across Pearl on social media and after my demo call, I was sold.

Three months ago, I joined up. It’s become a part of my patient journey and check up. I’m the biggest advocate for technology to help patients and I use everything from scanners to intraoral cameras and now AI.

I review all my radiographs first and then I refer to Pearl to confirm what I’ve seen or check what I may have missed! After I’m happy, I then discuss my findings with my patient using Pearl.

Why is it good for both clinicians and patients?

I started training young dentists soon after qualifying and the number one thing after lack of clinical experience I found was the lack of communicating effectively with patients. I find even more experienced dentists have this same problem.

The problem is that the general population aren’t so trusting towards dentists and so increasing that trust through excellent communication is key.

Having AI, helps massively with patient communication. It’s an adjunct to my already very visual education phase of my patient examination. When I present my findings to my patients I show them their scans, their photos, their X-rays and now with Pearl the X-rays make more sense to them.

For example, if there’s caries, it is clearly marked out by Pearl. You can show the patient how the AI is confirming what you’re saying and it even highlights the layers of tooth the cavity has penetrated!

This means you can show patients which cavities can be treated with prevention alone and which need intervention. It also labels the bone loss and so you can give patients bone loss in terms of millimetres and not just a rough percentage.

Pearl can help clinicians feel more confident in their diagnosis and communication, and help patients feel safer and more informed with their treatment plans.

What would you say to practices hesitant to embrace AI technology?

Dentistry is going digital and there’s no stopping it. I decided to join on because I always like to embrace change. Being a part of Pearl means I get to be part of the group of clinicians who are pioneering change in dentistry and can feedback to help make these systems even better.

It takes a while to implement change and so integrating these early on makes the transition easier.

Why not try the demo call? What do you have to lose but 30 minutes of your lunch hour?

It’s a free consult and using the link below you get 50% off your setup fee

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