Free to practise your way in Northern Ireland

Free to practise your way in Northern Ireland

Catherine Tannahill, director of dentistry at Portman Dental Care, shares the benefits of clinical freedom and why Northern Ireland dentists should consider a move towards freedom in their careers.

When a dentist joins Portman Dental Care, they are welcomed into a community of professionals who are passionate about dentistry.

We’re proud that Portman makes sure our teams have the support they need to advance their skills – but we go further, making sure they are free to approach procedures and care in the way patients deserve.

Care and careers

Clinical freedom is a tried and proven approach. Not only does it reinforce relationships with patients and trusted suppliers, but it’s also a way for Portman Dental to showcase our appreciation for the dentists who join us.

We are able to demonstrate the trust we have in their skills, instincts and expertise; we provide an environment where they can thrive and offer the opportunity to practise freely.

Dentists who are encouraged, supported and at ease genuinely enjoy their work and this benefits everyone – patients, the practice and their careers.

We make sure our teams can focus on putting patients first and empower them to maintain high standards for our communities. Freedom goes beyond how a dentist practises.

Here, we make sure those joining us are free to take the first steps into their Portman career confidently. Our dentists work with an established NHS and private patient list from the day they start because we know having a waiting list ready when moving practices or relocating for your career is a top priority.

Dentists joining us not only have the clinical freedom that is so rare, but they have our trust. It’s their expertise that takes care of patients, so we reward them with immediate demand and a variety of patients.

We respect our dentists’ choices regarding preferred materials, so they can tailor their treatments, pick their own labs, and advise patients when choosing the best care within their budget. We’ll do the same for you.

A dentist’s POV

‘I’m continuing my career, trusted to perform dentistry the way I believe best. I’m supported to tailor treatments and develop my own approach. I feel respected and valued’ – Susan Nelson, dental surgeon.

If you want to benefit from clinical freedom in your career, then we would love to welcome you to Portman Dental Care. As you have read, we strongly believe that having a freedom-first culture means happy, motivated dentists.

In turn, this results in long careers and supported communities. With more than 700,000 patients across 200 dental practices, it’s clear we’re taking a fresh approach to dental care that benefits care and careers.

Right now, we have vacancies in Northern Ireland waiting for you

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