Improve your lab’s productivity with 3D printing times of less than 30 minutes


We hear about how 3D printing technology can boost productivity by facilitating continuous production with excellent, quality results.

The dental market in the UK is one of the biggest markets in Europe. Due to the increasing ageing population, the market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027.

As a result, there has been an increase in dental implants and oral surgeries, with 12,085 registered dental companies and 14,340 dental practices in total.

Located in London, Qlab is a cutting-edge digital dental lab that strives to create pristine dental restorations for private dental clinics. Primarily seeking to revolutionise the dental industry’s work by improving smiles and providing natural solutions and repairs to patients.

Qlab is always looking for the best equipment and the most talented, skilled ceramists and dental technicians to achieve exceptional standards. However, one of the main obstacles that the lab experienced was finding reliable equipment for continuous production.

The problem lies in the time required to manufacture and integrate a final product, increasing costs.

Introducing 3D printing technology to the lab workflow

The laboratory is no stranger to 3D printing technology, their first solution was an LCD 3D printer, but the lab soon realised that it required a lot of maintenance.

The monochrome LCD panel often needed replacing to consistently run the machine in a nine-hour shift, ultimately making it non-profitable after calculating the ROI and considering that the lab works to meet strict deadlines for their clients.

Integrating a dental DLP solution from Rayshape

Realising this issue, the director of Qlab, Mr Alaa Abou Hasan, began evaluating different solutions. The goal was to find a reliable 3D printer for continuous production with excellent quality printing results.

The solution was found in the Shape 1+ Dental resin DLP 3D printer from Rayshape. The machine is equipped with a UV light and has a print volume of 144 × 81 × 200 mm (5.76 × 3.2 × 7.87 inches).

The result? A perfect combination of reliability and continuous 3D printing at a competitive price.

In addition, to eradicate the high expenses on consumables, Rayshape offers refurbished resin tanks with a new FEP film installed with each.

Shape 1 + Dental 3D printers fit into Qlab operations

Rayshape 3D printers use state-of-the-art DLP (digital light processing) technology, helping Qlab become more digital with 3D printing technology.

In a working environment, the Shape 1+ Dental achieved rapid printing times of less than 30 minutes for model printing ready for vacuum forming aligners at 100 microns, and less than 60 minutes printing surgical guides at 50 microns.

Alaa Abou Hasan, director of Qlab, said: ‘3D printing on Rayshape for dentistry brings speed and efficiency into Qlab. Easy to master, open source solution and support help is at hand from Rayshape team.’

Qlab print various dental solutions with the Shape 1 + Dental

With the adoption of the Rayshape dental solution, Qlab is optimising the entire process by printing eight different solutions:

  • Models – For implant cases, CT scans, aligners, retainers, mouth guards, teeth whitening trays
  • Gingiva – Printing gums for implant models
  • Custom Trays – Print better-defined impressions
  • Temporaries – Instead of CNC milling PMMA and ending up with waste, 3D print temporaries
  • Casting – Print the cast you need in Rayshape resin to later manufacture in metal
  • Surgical Guides – Print your guide to help you save time for patients’ implants
  • Splints – Print hard or soft splints, known as night guards
  • Dentures – CAD/CAM complete dentures are easier and faster to print.

Benefits of Rayshape’s solution

 With the Rayshape solution installed, Qlab can fulfill its orders in multiple areas of dentistry by being able to 3D print a vast number of solutions. A one-year warranty is provided and one-day free training.

Furthermore, the lab was so impressed with the results that they purchased a second 3D printer to double their productivity during working hours.

Qlab is a fully digital lab and can always rely on Rayshape dental solutions.

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