Biofilm management using Lunos

We hear from Sabrina Griffith who speaks exclusively to us about her experience with Durr Dental’s Lunos air polishing system.

Lunos, from Durr Dental, is a premium air polishing brand incorporating one powder jet handpiece and two interchangeable nozzles. As well as a range of prophylaxis powders to assist in the minimally invasive management of biofilm.

The powder jet handpiece, called Mylunos, comes with both a supragingival and a subgingival nozzle.

Both nozzles can rotate 360 degrees, to facilitate access to all areas of the oral cavity.

The subgingival nozzle features a clip-on, calibrated, sterile, single use tip for precision subgingival application.

Mylunos also incorporates the unique exchangeable powder chamber principle. This means the powder container can be replaced quickly and easily mid treatment, moving from the supra grade powder to sub grade powder with minimal inconvenience and avoiding the need to refill chambers in the middle of treatment.

Furthermore, surgeries can prepare enough powder containers for the whole day.

All components are autoclavable and the handpieces are available in five different fittings, allowing use on any standard turbine coupling.

Mylunos prophylaxis powders

Mylunos works with various prophylaxis powders.

The Gentle Clean variant of Lunos contains innovative new abrasive agents based on the non-carcinogenic disaccharide trehalose, for gentle cleaning in the supragingival area and is available in three different flavours.

Alternatively, there’s Lunos prophy powder Perio Combi, which works with both supragingival and subgingival treatments.

The excellent water solubility of this powder enables safe, virtually residue-free dissolution in the periodontal pocket and suction system.

Thanks to this, patients therefore no longer experience the unpleasant grittiness typically associated with this type of product and it doesn’t clog up the suction unit or the amalgam separator!

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