Practice makes perfect with products that work!

Practice makes perfect with products that work!Artur Kyc shares of his love of endo and explains his partnership approach with Kerr, offering insight into why it works so well for his practice, team and patients.

What is the ethos of your practice?

It is very simple but incredibly important that we treat our patients as we would our family. So, my wife and I, Mirka, who is also the practice manager, run a small family practice with two associates working by our side. The One Dental Practice is the one dental practice for all the family!

I enjoy every aspect of everyday dentistry, but I do have a particular affinity for endodontics. Even when other dentists have given patients a poor prognosis, I can often perform successful endodontics. This, of course, is a balance between clinical expertise of the treating dentist and the supporting team, as well as having the right products.

Success breeds confidence and happy patients, who come back time and again, and then recommend more lovely patients. We never need to advertise; word of mouth works really well for the practice.  You know that people are happy when they’re recommending you to their friends and family.

This is perfect for us. We don’t have any ambitions to build multiple surgeries. Our focus is on the clinical aspects rather than building a huge business, to keep our high standards fully in focus.

For example, with the help of an architect and specialist dental companies, the property was extensively converted into a modern, spacious, cosy and warm dental practice with easy access for parents with prams and pushchairs, as well as disabled people.

You mentioned having the right products to hand. Why do you like to work with Kerr and use their products?

We use quite a lot of Kerr products because it’s a reputable company steeped in history. They always get the job done. Their products are really easy to purchase using the Kerr website or through a rep. With good results every time, there’s just no reason to look any further.

In line with my enthusiasm for endodontics, my favourite tool is actually a new one, elements e-motion. I also really like TF Adaptive files and the dedicated obturation system. I get good results every time I use it.

Among the other products I like to use are simple composites, like Temp-Bond. This is a self-curing zinc-oxide eugenol-based temporary cement. Another product I really like is Optidisc for contouring, finishing, polishing and high gloss polishing restorations.

Are there any new products you have noticed Kerr offers that you will be trying but haven’t yet?

Yes, and actually this is all about endo. As you will have gathered by now, I really enjoy endodontics and I use Kerr equipment to perform treatment. So, I would like, if possible, for example, to try different types of rotary files. I get good, predictable results with TF Adaptive. I find the system really reliable. But I would like to try other files, too, to add to what I can offer patients.

How do you bridge the gap between NHS and private with your choices?

It can be a challenging situation, as there are limitations on NHS spend, of course. The good news is that it doesn’t inevitably mean lesser results are achieved, as there are value-driven products that do a really good job, including Kerr’s Pentron.

In some areas I won’t switch though, and again it’s all about Kerr’s heritage and expertise, which can’t be beaten, in my opinion. For example, the generic bonding systems I have tried have not met with my approval, so I always use Kerr’s Optibond Universal, the single-bottle universal dental bonding agent. I also won’t swap Sealapex sealant, for root canals.

How does Kerr fit in with your workflow and patient care?

The One Dental Practice is dedicated to providing a variety of procedures and affordable dental services using advanced technology for patients of all ages. Our friendly and professional staff create a relaxed environment, which makes our patients feel at ease in our surgeries.

The Kerr team does the same for us – offering great customer service, advice when we need it, and generally being very approachable.

Patients don’t know that we are using Kerr products. But they do know when treatment has gone well, and we get new patients in through word of mouth. As I mentioned briefly before, we never need to market our services. So that is how it all fits together for us.

Ultimately, The One Dental Practice is dedicated to providing a variety of procedures and affordable dental services using advanced technology for patients of all ages. Having access to the best products, whether we are delivering NHS or private treatment, means we can focus on what we do best. This is providing our patents with the highest level of care.

Our friendly and professional staff create a relaxed environment which makes our patients feel at ease in our surgeries, especially with our younger patients. For those, we have a dedicated ‘Kids’ zone’. For our busy patients there is free wifi in our waiting room.

We love being part of the local community, being able to care for their oral health. We call Scotland our home now.

There is nowhere we would rather be!

If you would like to know more about Dr Kyc and The One Dental Practice, please visit, email [email protected] or call 0141 778 39 20.

For further information on Kerr products and services, visit or contact your local rep.

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