You’ll be amazed at the return on investment (ROI) of Primescan

primescan digital scannerDentsply Sirona explains why its Primescan is an investment for the future of your practice as well as helping you provide the dentistry of today.

Although investing in new digital equipment requires an initial financial outlay, it’s the return on investment that counts in the long run.

Primescan by Dentsply Sirona is a powerful and versatile intraoral scanner that delivers in all the key areas.

A one-off payment and no hidden costs

Unlike many intraoral scanners on the market, you only pay for Primescan once; there are no licence fees or on-going contracts.

Updates to the Connect software are free and automatic. Although, the cost of the Primescan unit, at first glance, might seem slightly higher than alternative scanners out there, the overall ownership of Primescan versus other subscription-based models across a typical five-year financial repayment plan, might be less and shed more light into the true cost and value for money.

Fewer to no remakes due to accuracy

Primescan has proven itself over the three years since its launch as one of the most accurate and fastest scanners on the market as shown in many studies.

Accurate impressions lead to more predictable results. That means fewer mistakes or costly remakes and better clinical outcomes.

Savings in impression materials

The cost of an analogue impression is proportionate to the number of impressions taken (ie the cost of materials and the cost of time a person spends to take the impression, from the moment they pick up the materials, all the way to the post processing and packing – adds up to the overall cost per impression).

The more analogue impressions you take, the higher the cost. With digital impressions, you can take as many impressions as you need, increasing patient volume. But you still pay the same monthly finance repayment fee, a fixed cost across the agreed timescale.

This significantly helps manage the cashflow in your practice and achieve quicker ROI.

Unmatched versatility in clinical applications

To achieve a decent ROI on a scanner purchase, the scanner needs to support different clinical applications.

The Primescan technology opened doors to an area of dentistry never reached by an intraoral scanner before. It restores full arch implant cases with digital impressions from Primescan and restorations from Atlantis suprastructures.

The same reasons Primescan is the only scanner validated for this complex implant workflow is also the reason why Primescan is an excellent choice for orthodontic, restorative or sleep workflow applications. Primescan is well equipped to work hard for its price.

Higher treatment uptake – building trust with the technology

The high-resolution, 3D digital models and software promote better understanding of your diagnosis and of the treatments you propose to your patients. This leads to greater trust and higher treatment acceptance rates.

Practice reputation and patient reviews

A comfortable, more efficient patient experience means higher patient satisfaction and loyalty. As well as a good chance they’ll recommend your practice to friends and family.

Patients are becoming ever more aware of digital technology in dentistry and actively seeking out dentists who offer a digital option.

Digital files facilitate unrestricted knowledge exchange

Shared, discuss and approve scans online. This promotes better communication and faster decision-making amongst the entire dental team. No matter how geographically dispersed they are.

Motivated team helps reduce staff turnover

Primescan is intuitive and easy to use, This means digital impression taking is enjoyable and delegated within the dental team.

It is also easy to maintain daily, with carefully developed infection control protocol in mind.

Primescan was launched with a tagline: Enjoy the scan. That’s because Primescan was designed to make scanning fun and enjoyable for everyone that uses it.

An ‘investment’ not a ‘cost’

Primescan is for everyone. Whether you’re at the beginning of your digital journey or are a digital expert already and have been providing digital dentistry for years.

Primescan’s technology is set up to unlock more clinical applications in the future. That is why investing in Primescan today is equivalent to setting yourself up for great personal and financial success.

The beauty of Primescan is its flexibility to be whatever your practice needs. Whether that’s a way to capture digital impressions and send them straight off to the lab, or to be the beginning of in-house digital workflows such as chairside restorations with CEREC, orthodontics and implants.

And as digital dentistry continues to go from strength to strength, Primescan will adapt to meet the challenges. It ensures that your practice can deliver the dentistry of tomorrow as well as today.

To find out more about Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan, and to take advantage of the special offer*, visit Primescan | Dentsply Sirona UK or book a free 1:1 consultation online now.

*For a limited time only, when you buy Primescan AC digital scanner, you’ll receive three years of prepaid extended warranty and free orthodontic software. Terms and conditions apply.

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