Injection moulding technique with new G-ænial Universal Injectable

Injection moulding technique with Exaclear and G-ænial Universal Injectable injection moulding is a contemporary technique in dentistry.

It enables reproducible and detailed morphology in a quick way.

For this technique, a transparent matrix is used (Exaclear), through which the clinician can cure the composite without leaving an oxygen inhibition layer.

With the minimally invasive cavity preparation, the resultant space needs filling with a composite with a more flowable consistency.

World-leading technologies enable GC to define a new benchmark in composite: G-ænial Universal Injectable. This is an injectable composite offering exceptional strength, polishability and aesthetics. This makes it ideally suited for this technique.

It’s a new paradigm in thinking that a composite with a more flowable consistency is actually your strongest option!

You can see a step by step here:

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