Wesleyan Financial Services appoints new head of dental

Iain StevensonWesleyan Financial Services has appointed Iain Stevenson as its new head of the dental segment.

With dedicated specialist financial advisers who exclusively support dentists, the segment has gone from strength to strength.

Wesleyan Financial Services is therefore pleased to invest further in this area. It hopes this will enable the team to unite in delivering the strategy to support dentists and their dependents in achieving brighter financial futures.

Iain has been working in financial services for over 25 years. This includes roles as a senior financial consultant and a senior area manager.

Most recently, Iain has been a senior area manager for Scotland and the north east of England for Wesleyan Financial Services. Here he managed a team of specialist financial advisers to the dental profession.

Dentistry ‘key area of focus’

Linda Wallace, director at Wesleyan Financial Services, congratulates Iain, saying: ‘We are thrilled to have appointed Iain into this newly created role.

‘Iain brings with him a vast knowledge and experience in providing specialist financial advice for dentists across the UK.

‘His skill is invaluable as we continue to progress our financial advice for dentists in need of support during what has been a very turbulent period within the profession.

‘The dental segment will continue to be a key area of focus for Wesleyan Financial Services moving forward. And we will continue to develop our team of specialist financial advisers. As well as increase brand awareness within the profession.

‘Dentists can therefore have access to tailored financial advice, overcome financial barriers and secure better financial futures.’

‘Tremendously honoured’

Not only is Iain passionate about his work, he is also a keen outdoorsman and sports enthusiast.

Commenting on his appointment, Iain said: ‘I feel tremendously honoured and privileged to lead the dental segment with Wesleyan Financial Services.

‘After with Wesleyan for almost 19 years, the majority of which has been working with, coaching and developing specialist dental financial advisers, I am acutely aware of the significant value and contribution they make to their dental clients, families and practices every single day.

‘We are passionate about ensuring we are at the cutting edge of both financial planning and the world of dentistry. This ensures we genuinely add value at every interaction.

‘Finally, financial planning and dentistry is all about people. There are so many talented people within the Wesleyan Group who are all driven to be the best. And to provide the best possible service to dentists and their families.

‘Dentists need a “challenging friend” when it comes to their financial planning. But it needs to be someone they can trust, believe in and work with.

‘The world is changing, the world of dentistry is changing. I am therefore excited to be part of the team helping to guide our clients through those changes.

‘Good financial planning is important. I am determined to ensure we make ourselves available to every dentist in the UK.’

If you’re looking for help with your financial planning, you can speak to a specialist Wesleyan Financial Services adviser as part of a no-obligation financial review. Simply visit www.wesleyan.co.uk/dental or calling 0800 316 3784.

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