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anthogyrStraumann explains how to access trustworthy products to provide precise dental implant treatment.

Predictability and precision are vital when providing dental implant treatment. These can be achieved only with careful assessment, accurate treatment planning and skilful treatment delivery. This highlights the importance of both surgical and restorative experience from the clinician.

To fully maximise implant outcomes, the components and tools used during procedures must be considered as well. This is why the Straumann Group offers a myriad of industry-leading implant options. It gives practitioners access to products they can trust.

The Anthogyr implant system is widely recognised within the profession as a brand dedicated to clinical excellence.

Designed to optimise the implant treatment process for highly predictable and long-lasting results is the Anthogyr Torq Control.

Torq Control is a universal torque wrench that ensures precision tightening for a wide range of implant connections. It affords a new level of confidence in the restorative phase of treatment. And it enables clinicians to fix prostheses of any kind – including full arch restorations – with total peace of mind.

Why is it important?

Precise tightening is crucial in avoiding screw fracture or loosening. It is also important to retain the torque value after initial tightening to support the stability of the implant (Lauritano et al, 2020).

Accurate tightening to the correct torque is therefore hugely beneficial. It encourages longevity of the implant to the advantage of both patient and practitioner.

Iconic since 1997

Torq Control has been a popular solution for almost 25 years. It gives peace of mind to clinicians around the world. Its key benefits include:

Compatible with all implant systems

The universal connection and seven torque values (10>35Ncm) afford flexibility for clinicians to utilise their preferred implant system with ease.

Designed for efficiency

The micro head is angulated by 100°. This simplifies access within the mouth and optimises visibility for the practitioner.

Maximum comfort

The tool is lightweight at just 130g. This enables freedom of movement for user comfort and easy manipulation in the mouth.


Automatic declutching prevents over-torqueing for a highly accurate process. Users can also sterilise the tool in an autoclave for safe reuse.

What else does it offer?

Torq Control is ergonomic to further promote practitioner comfort and ease of use. While its one-piece design keeps it simple for easy instrument maintenance.

The manual torque mechanism also provides total control over screw tightening for complete confidence in your implant placement.

A comprehensive portfolio

Torq Control is just one of many Anthogyr solutions clinicians around the globe favour.

The Axiom Multi Level implant system is a particularly popular option. It incorporates both tissue level and bone level implants that boast more than a decade of success in the market. These too are suited to a variety of clinical indications, offering versatility while ensuring function and aesthetics patients can rely on.

Not tried the system yet but want to know more?

The Anthogyr Test Drive provides the perfect opportunity to try the system for yourself, in your own practice. It includes a complementary Anthogyr implant, day access to a Anthogyr Surgical Kit and support from a territory manager on the day of surgery for complete peace of mind.

Book you Test Drive online at www.anthogyr-uk.co/testdrive.

Be supportive

Of course, all solutions available through the Straumann Group come with the added reassurance of training and support from a highly knowledgeable team.

Straumann has dedicated professionals at the end of the phone or email who can provide all the information. As well as bespoke advice and guidance that you may need. So you’ll never have to struggle through alone.

Restorative confidence

To be confident in your implant rehabilitations and give patients the quality treatment they deserve, you need access to first-class systems and instruments.

Discover why you should put your trust in the Anthogyr Torq Control and the Straumann Group today.

To find out more, please visit www.straumann.com/anthogyr/en/home/equipment/implantology-surgery-equipment/torq-control.html.


Lauritano D, Moreo G, Lucchese A, Viganoni C, Limongelli L and Carinci F (2020) The Impact of Implant-Abutment Connection on Clinical Outcomes and Microbial Colonization: A Narrative Review. Materials (Basel). 3(5): 1131

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