Why I chose Suresmile aligners by Dentsply Sirona – James Taylor

James Taylor talks us through the benefits of using Suresmile aligner treatment and how it’s helped his practice.

Describe your experience using Suresmile and treatment planning with it

I have a lot of experience using Suresmile and treatment planning with it. 

I’ve been using Suresmile now for about 18 months, with over 100 cases. These cases are simple to complex orthodontic cases. 

I use the Suresmile system for hybrid cases, where I’ll incorporate other types of orthodontics. Or I use Suresmile for pre-restorative implant care, pre-enamel bonding cases. So, I’m using Suresmile in all aspects of my general dental care and advanced dental care as well. 

What commercial growth opportunities does Suresmile provide?

It gives me lots of opportunities. It’s a very versatile and flexible system. 

I use it for routine orthodontics. But I’ll also use it for restorative treatments for pre orthodontic implant cases, where I’ll move teeth and then use implant treatments. 

Patients like the system because it does give us opportunities. It allows me to plan, demonstrate, go through an informed consent. 

Patients move forward with confidence. They can see exactly what we’re doing and why we want to do it. 

As far as the cost to the patient and cost to the business, it works for us as well. 

Therefore, the opportunity to grow the system for patients with a comfortable aesthetic aligner means that there are endless opportunities. I’m only limited by my own imagination and expectations. And the patients expectations as well. 

What is your favourite feature of Suresmile?

Suresmile has lots of features. 

My favourite feature and the most useful is by far the low dose CBCT and the ability to incorporate that into the planning. 

This has been critical in my confidence to use the Suresmile system moving forwards. And it’s allowed me to proceed in a controllable, predictable and actually fulfilling way. For myself and for the patients’ treatment moving forward. 

I can control the mechanics with more detail. I can control root movement, root position and I’ve got confidence that I’m telling the patients, showing the patients and demonstrating to the patients an end result that we can all have confidence in. And give them both beautiful aesthetics, but also a healthy final result. 

So, for me, the use of CBCT, the ability to incorporate that into the dental scan and actually show and plan has been critical. 

Has Suresmile enabled you to offer your patients something different and why?

Suresmile has allowed me to offer something different. 

It’s allowed me to offer treatment that is more predictable. 

I’ve offered aligners and done aligners for many years. But moving teeth virtually on their own is fine, but I’ve not had that control, the understanding of exactly what’s been going on. That’s resulted in difficulty with treatment outcomes. 

The difference with Suresmile is the CBCT, the low dose X-ray that I can incorporate into my scan, into my planning. 

I can demonstrate to the patients what I’m trying to achieve. And I can see those movements and achieve those results in a predictable way. 

I can simplify tooth movement and I can increase the speed of care and simplify things, which is better for everybody. 

It’s less invasive for the patient, we can reduce treatment time and we get more predictable results. 

Suresmile has given me that control that I never had before. And the confidence that I can then have in my care, but then it’s portrayed to the patient. So the patients feel confident moving forward as well. 

What is the Suresmile digital workflow like?

The Suresmile digital workflow is straightforward and easy. From Primescan to the CBCT, to uploading the photographs onto the portal, it is straightforward and takes minutes. I can easily log on, do my prescription. Within a few days I’ll get a plan back. 

The plan can be shown to the patient, very straightforward. It’s easy demonstrating to the patient what we’re trying to achieve and how we try to achieve it. 

I can order aligners, again very straightforward. And within a few days I get confirmation that they’re being shipped to me and I’ll receive them in the week – straightforward. 

What benefit do CBCT scans bring to your Suresmile treatment planning?

It allows me to determine the root position before, during and after treatment. That’s key to then be able to plan the mechanics, the safety and the speed and efficiency of treatment. 

Low dose CBCT is key to my practice and key to my Suresmile planning. It is a real point of difference between Suresmile and other aligner treatments that I’ve done in the past. 

What advice would you give to other clinicians who are just starting out on their digital ortho/clear aligner journey?

Start with basic cases, lower anterior teeth. 

Avoid any complexes with the occlusion and understanding capabilities. 

Seek advice, but choose an aligner company that gives you the support you need. 

That’s really, really important and don’t get overwhelmed. 

Do training. Every day is a school day. But your imagination is the only thing that limits you with aligners moving forwards. 

So, start with basic cases and the standard capabilities and get the support. 

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